Wasp attack

The corn is now approaching 7′ tall and the ground underneath is loaded with small to medium size butternuts. The first harvesting is scheduled for 7/19 but I think it may happen quite a bit sooner. Either that or there are going to be some real monsters. Somewhere in the maze there may also be spaghetti squash growing but it’s all too thick to really get a good look. And I walked under the bean trellis and found dozens of new green beans about 4” long so they must have formed earlier this week. Like everything else, they grow like wildfire so we’ll be picking for the table in a week or so and that will continue for a couple of months.

As well as the garden is growing, it’s not perfect. I know that’s hard to believe but interestingly, there are some spots that must still have too much of the old soil. Those spots are sure easy to see, I guess partly because they are so few and far between. Last year I had a few good spots; this year a few bad spots. The good news is that these spots will be easily corrected in a couple of months as the plants growing there finish up; the other good news is that I don’t know what we’d do with all the veggies if we were operating at 100%. Forgetting which particular item is coming out of the garden, I estimate at least 10 pounds of goodies are being harvested daily. Daily! And that doesn’t include what George and Barbara are picking. We’ve got all the makin’s for another batch of spaghetti sauce, less than a week after cooking up 16 quarts. I might add, the best sauce ever. About half the tomatoes are San Marzano’s and the difference in the taste and texture is incredible. The next batch cooking project has to be loaves and loaves of zucchini bread. The big difference between summer veggies and winter veggies is that the summer stuff doesn’t keep. You can pick a cabbage and cook it a month later – not true with summer squash, tomatoes, etc.

Had a wasp event the day after Nancy came home. A few days prior to that a wasp came in the house. We reached an agreement that I wouldn’t bother him if he would leave me alone. I figured he would be smart enough to eventually go out when had a door open; if not, he’d starve to death in a few days. Nancy came home and wasn’t ok with the treaty. The wasp was noticeably slower and I decided to sneak up behind him, snatch him by the wings and then release it outside. I’ve done that before so it’s not as stupid as it sounds. Yes it is. I did snatch him and was about halfway to the door when he twisted around somehow and banged me on the finger. I put an ice cube on it quickly to numb the area and then Nancy mixed up a batch of baking soda paste which she said would help. The tip of my finger swelled and went numb; then the whole finger, and then half the hand. I popped a benadryl and just let it throb itself out. I’m hoping this doesn’t end up, as it sometimes does, with me at the doctor’s getting a shot, a prescription for methyl prednisone, and a steroid creme to beat the itching that inevitably follows.

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