The garden ladies

Good news, I think. Our old camera started working again. Maybe it had something to do with the battery. I left it on the charger for 4 days and, as if by magic, it started working again. Lest you think I hadn’t thought of that at first, I put it on the charger for 24 hours before declaring it dead the first time. So I guess I’ll have a spare camera now. As promised, here’s a picture of the new cut through I’ve labeled the Valentine cut through. All of the palm trunks are in the burn pile waiting to be converted to ash and eventually moved to the compost pile – with the garden as their final resting ground. I’ll break out the chipper today and clean up most of the fronds you see in front of the cut through.
One more day with a cold start (45 degrees) before a long stretch of 50+ mornings and 75+ afternoons. So tomorrow will be a major planting day – moving house starts into the garden. I have cabbage and kale plants large enough now to survive the big world out there and the week ahead will be perfect for them to get it going. All the in-house starts now will be spring/summer varieties; ie, tomatoes, peppers blah blah blah. I’ve ordered and received 100% of the 2011 seeds with about 50% old stand byes and 50% new stuff. How about a squash called Thelma Sanders, a pole bean called Gold Marie, a sweet potato named Evangeline, big Bertha peppers – collectively I’ll designate them the garden ladies.

Doing something a little different this year with the celery. I grow a variety called Utah Tall – but it isn’t. Last year it tended to grow more horizontal than vertical so this season I’m starting to tie them up. I’d like to see if I can duplicate how they look in the grocery store. I’ve done about 1/3 of the plants and will watch for a few weeks to see if there’s any adverse affects. My caution is that the twine will cut into the outer stalks as the plant fills so maybe it’s a process that has to be maintained with looser ties from time to time or maybe it’s something you do a week or two before harvest.

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