Bean tower construction

Fashion question – is it ok to wear a belt with embroidered snook spaced around it together with a shirt sporting a largemouth bass on the back? One’s a salt water fish, the other fresh and I’d hate to be making a style faux pas. I have an annual check up at the doctor’s office this morning and would hate to create a wardrobe distraction.

I decided that the fall garden to be started in Sept will include pole beans in place of the bush beans I have been planting. That will just give me more horizontal room for other things. In several seed catalogs they offered bean towers for $30 but I think I can design something just as good from readily available material around here. There are two nice stands of bamboo that will provide the vertical climbers and a circular plastic lid for a 5 gallon paint can that will do very nicely for a spanner at the peak. Just drill holes around the periphery and poke in the tips of 8′ long bamboo rods. In my mind I see a tower consisting of 16 verticals spread in an 8 -10′ diameter circular pattern tapering to a 2′ diameter spreader at the top. Took me a couple hours to get just the right bamboo shoots, trim them and tie the whole thing together. I’ll erect it when it gets closer to planting time and I decide exactly where I want the beans.

Mentioning the bamboo, you might recall George and I transplanted a root bound stand of bamboo that had been in a planter for 20 years. I had serious doubts about it’s ability to really grow and have kept an eye on it doing nothing for at least 6 months. It didn’t die but it didn’t flourish either. I went over to that stand to cut out a few for the bean tower project and for the first time noticed new shoots popping up outside the original bunch. Just a cursory look showed me 6 shoots so I see plenty of bean towers in my future. Good news for the pandas.

During halftime of the World Cup final game it hit me light a flash of lightning – they need to add two more goals midway on the sidelines like side pockets on a pool table. These would be narrower nets, maybe 5′ wide but they’d count for 3 points. Totally changes the game.

I got to wondering what they talk about during half time. The score is nothing to nothing – the announcer kept say nil to nil which just doesn’t have the same ring to it. It’s not like you can reach into a bag of trick plays or do some X-O stuff on the black board to work out a new strategy. There’s nothing the opposition is throwing at you that you can’t handle and visa versa. You have to be strategizing how to get the ref to do more of that yellow card thing on the other team so that you can somehow get a manpower advantage. I guess that’s why the half time is so short and a culture of half time shows and marching bands never developed in the soccer world.

Wonder what ever happened to that 1000′ Taiwanese skimmer boat that was hanging out in the Gulf waiting for approval to start skimming??? Did I miss something, like it didn’t work or something? It was big news for a few days and then just dropped off the radar totally. Wonder which gov’t agency(s) has it tied up and also wonder why the press dropped it like a hot potato?

Wonder what that Russian story was really about. I can’t imagine two bureaucracies like the US and Russian governments ever effecting a spy capture and transfer in such short order unless it had been in the works for months if not years. Please. There’s got to be way, way more to this than has been divulged.

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