Spoke too Soon

You know the old saying about counting chickens before they’re hatched. How about don’t count your corn before it’s picked. Turns out that 16” of rain and wind at 25 mph is not a good thing for corn. I mentioned a potential problem with storing all the corn – problem solved. Total rainfall out of this week’s storms – 16” Very impressive and greatly appreciated- well half of it was greatly appreciated. We got less rain from many hurricanes and this came without all the power outages and downed trees. It was just steady, Seattle kind of rain – days without sunshine. I run out between storms and check the garden. So far the only visible casualty is the corn but unless the water drains rapidly once it stops coming down, I anticipate much more in the loss column. They interviewed a potato farmer on the news and he estimated his losses at $500K. I’m guessing my losses won’t reach that level but then again, I don’t have crop insurance.

The lake is now open for swimming and diving off the dock. I threw some fish feed off the dock and the bream attacked voraciously so maybe that bodes well for the bass. I estimate it’s up about 2′ from where it was last week.

Another thing that impressed me was the fact that my neighbors – the skiers – were out skiing almost continuously all week. They must have some big tournaments coming up or are practicing for a new reality show. A couple of times when I was young, I got caught skiing in the rain and remember it was like skiing through a nettle patch. It wasn’t something you wanted to do for very long but these folks were voluntarily hitting it hard all week.

I was pleased to note that the garden drained fairly well and never really puddled up or left the goodies in standing water. The importance of that is that last year when we had the horrendous rains, much of the garden sat in water for days and it killed off a good bit of the residents.

bad sleep, clock radio, weather alarms.

I do think I know why all the rain. It’s not the rain dances, not global warming, not climate change. A few months back I canceled my flood insurance since it never floods here. Now I’m thinking that act of defiance has brought on the rain. My first call this morning will be to the Insurance company to get it reinstated. That should stop it. I need to appease the rain gods.

So what am I missing? The gov’t takes over the auto companies and gives themt to the workers. Isn’t that classic Socialism/Communism? Sure glad I bought Ford stock a few months ago. And does it come as a surprise to anyone that the most liberal of the left coast states is officially a basket case? If the fed’s start pumping tax money into CA, does that mean the fed’s own CA or visa versa? I love it that the voters in CA voted down adding new taxes so now we’ll watch the state add new “fees” regardless of how the voting went. Is there another recall vote in the making? Will the Terminator be terminated?

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