deep freeze

Still catching spec’s – the biggest I have ever caught anywhere. Several have been in the 2 lb range which, for me, are huge. These fish are so big, I actually think I have a bass on the line for the first few moments. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was trying out a new line, Cajun Red. I haven’t caught enough (yet) to be statistically significant but if anything, the red line is out fishing the clear line 2:1. As cold as it is, I’m still putting in the time on the lake to answer this important question. Then I’ll move on to warm weather tests. Tough job but somebody has to do it.

After 4 days of near freeze I removed the covers from the garden. No apparent damage at all. I was mentally prepared for the worst but was certainly pleased to find that we had dodged the first serious cold bullet. The weather guys are predicting another cold spell starting tonight so I’m hoping my official frost blanket is up to the job. I bought a roll of cover that’s supposed to protect down to 28 degrees. A serious roll – 30’x100′. Nancy and I cut it into two parts that totally cover the garden and 3 more 10×15′ pieces for spot coverage if needed. That was fun if you can imagine dealing with a piece of light cloth 30’x100′ in a 30 mph wind. At one point it was as if we were connected to a parachute and I thought we were heading for a takeoff or that the cover would be taking heading for another county. We managed to corral it but it was a close call. Before the cold hits we should be picking another half dozen broccoli’s, that much lettuce, three or four cabbages and a couple of tomatoes. It was even more fun this afternoon when George and I actually covered it – again in 30 mph winds. We got it covered but it is billowing about and looks like a big cloud bouncing around. I’m sure hoping the wind lays down a bit later or shifts to a more favorable direction. Now it’s just a matter of waiting a few days to see if the covering works or if it’s time to till it all under and start thinking about spring planting. If it really gets as cold as forecast, I’m afraid no cover will do the job.

No complaints this year but I’m guessing there’s total panic at Global Warming headquarters. The latest science shows that we’re actually cooling. Big surprise. My grandson Simon gave me a book to read about hiking the Appalachian Trail. It’s by Bill Bryson and I highly recommend it. Bryson mixes his personal story of hiking the trail along with geological and historical insights that make it fascinating reading. There was one chapter that I found fascinating and read twice. It discussed the geological history of the Delaware Water Gap in NE Penn. According to Bryson’s research, we are coming out of an ice age, of which there have been dozens. At it’s peak, the ice at the Gap was 2000′ thick – imagine an ice wall nearly half a mile high. Contrast that with the multiple times that the Arctic and Antarctic regions have been tropical jungles to appreciate the scope of change the earth has endured over time. The current theory is that coming out of an ice age sets the stage for the next ice age. Warming forces more moisture in the atmosphere resulting in heavier cloud cover which prevents snow and ice from melting and evaporating. So even though it’s relatively warmer, snow and ice start to accumulate and after a million years or so, you are covered with ice again and start a new thawing cycle when there is no more moisture laden cloud cover. So the global warming the enviro nazi’s are so up tight about actually started 10,000 years ago and is nearing the end if not already there. Nothing to do with folks burning coal or driving their cars. Personally I’d rather live with a tropical Arctic than a mountain of ice.

Nancy got home from her cruise, happy and totally worn out. I don’t get that. Seems like 8 days of R&R would have her wide awake but she sat in the chair last night about 8:15 to watch TV and woke up only long enough to make it to the bedroom where she slept until 8:30 AM. So now there’s adult supervision back at 234 Purdom Cemetery Road.

We had a surprise visit Sunday. Little Tommy, all 6′ of him, drove up to the lake before he headed back to Missouri. It was great just having him alone for a few hours and here all the stories from his first semester. He met all his Dad’s grade point requirements and thinks he can do even better this coming term. He’s loving every minute of it and plans to stay in Missouri this summer to establish residency which means a large drop in tuition. We haven’t talked about it but maybe if he has an open schedule this summer, we’ll take a trip up to see him.

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