Bowl games

I just love college football, particularly the bowl games.

I think I’ll do this post before the Florida-Oklahoma game since that could color my view. Big congrats to Utah. I knew they had a reasonable shot at beating Alabama since they play a style of game similar to Florida and to me, Alabama had been overrated all season long. I also thought Mississippi could beat Texas Tech since they were the only team that beat Florida and had gotten only better as the season progressed. I had hoped for Tommy’s sake that his Missouri Tigers would beat Northwestern but didn’t expect it to be such a squeaker. No surprise in USC winning the Rose Bowl. The Pac 10 has a great thing going by only playing a Big 10 team in the Rose Bowl. Kind of like squirrels playing with tree stumps. I’d love to see the Mountain West and the Pac 10 merge to create a nice BCS conference with a championship game. Recruit Boise state into the conference.

I have a list of top 5 teams I love to hate. I root for whichever team these guys are playing. The list does change from time to time but not by much. Top of my list is Ohio State. So it was really great to see Texas treat them to another bowl game loss. Next on my list is Michigan, who unfortunately didn’t make the bowl games this year. Rounding out the quintet is USC, that would be Southern Cal, Notre Dame, and Alabama. I think the reason I dislike these teams is that they are always ranked highly in the preseason and then hang out in the top 10 unless they really prove awful. In earlier times my list included Miami and FSU but I’ve mellowed out on them – well at least FSU. About that time I had Nebraska and Oklahoma in the top 10 bad guys for the same reasons. Seemed like all they had to do was field 11 guys to make the top 10. I’ve had an up-down relationship with Illinois. I had a boss at GD who was an Illinois grad and a Big 10 conference nazi. I eased off them when I noted that they wore Orange and Blue but fell off again when they denounced their long time mascot for political correctness. I think that is symbolic of fielding a weak team; not politically correct to really beat up on the opponent. I can’t imagine an FSU without the chop or the warrior riding around the playing field waving the spear.

Made an interesting (to me) observation relative to Spec’s. I cleaned a couple to see what they were eating and was surprised to see baby bream being digested. Some were 3”-4” long, quite a bit larger than I would have thought a spec capable of eating. Then I went back and checked out their mouth and noticed that indeed, a small spec can open his mouth quite wide. It means that I could fish with lures that imitate bream as well as the tiny minnow imitations I’m using now. I read somewhere that spec’s ate minnows and other fish to keep them away from the eggs rather than for food. I really doubt that but maybe it works out favorably for them by accident. My guess is that spec’s spawn before bass and bream so their fry have plenty of food when they hatch.

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