Joey had his PET scan yesterday and will get the results in a week or so.

I mentioned in my last post that we were experiencing a full moon. What I forgot to mention was that the full moon brought out the coyotes. I’ve never seen one (here) but you could sure hear them howling at the moon. They would howl which would then set off the dogs – of which there are hundreds in the general vicinity. The dogs would quiet down and then the coyotes would start the cycle again. Awesome. I don’t know how widespread coyotes are in Florida and don’t remember hearing about them when we lived here in the 60’s but they are sure here now. Hard to say how far away they were but it sounded like hundreds of yards, not miles.

And while I’m recalling things that should have gone into the last post – Simon was inducted into the National Honor Society and we were invited to the induction ceremony. I remember my own induction and remember that Joey, Tommy, and Chris were all members but honestly don’t remember their induction ceremony. Chances are I was out of the country at the time – a steady state condition for many years. Congrat’s Si.

Nancy;s birthday was Saturday. This year it turned into an eating birthday. On Tuesday her quilting buddies took her out for lunch. Saturday afternoon another buddy took her to lunch and I took her to Billy’s for dinner. Then on Sunday Tom and Tina took us to Huston’s Steak House in Winter Park. Nancy said the crab cakes were the best she’s ever eaten anywhere; the cab was excellent. Nice setting on Lake Killarney, great food. We remembered the place from the 60’s when it was known as the Imperial House. We never ate there but it was a favorite of the high rollers at Dynatronics. Then on Monday Joey took us out to lunch in Port Orange. Wednesday is Brian’s barbecue where she gets a free birthday meal courtesy of Brian.

So since the bream are so big and aggressive and the bass are so reluctant to show themselves, I decided to focus on making the bream fishing more interesting. I have an ultra light spinning outfit but no tiny lures which are necessary for the tiny mouthed panfish. The bream will attack really large lures but their mouth is so small that you almost never hook them and when you do, it’s more often than not, a hook in the eye or something. So on the way to Tommy’s house, we stopped at Gander Mountain to pick up some smaller jigs. As luck would have it they were having a clearance on several items that looked perfect so I stocked up. I showed Nancy the variety of lures and asked her which she thought would be the best. I disagreed with her choice and headed down for the dock with my winner pick. I gave it about 20 casts and had one strike. Just to be fair I switched over to Nancy’s choice. Ten casts, ten fish and we’re eating fillet of bream for dinner tonight. I realized that I needed more of the killer spinner which was a 2” minnow shaped rubber tail, red on top and white on the bottom so I called Tom and asked him to go by Gander and pick me up a few zillion. Gone, none left. I got the last ones. Drat. I’m pretty sure that the same lure will be a killer for spec’s in a month or two when it gets cold.

Cukes and zuc’s before the end of the month – I might partially win the race against the critters but they still have a week or so to strike. And I found a silver lining on the crop eating bug front. The zillions of butterflies that have been hovering over the squash have done their thing and now I have zillions of little green caterpillars chomping away. The good news is that these little ‘pillars make great bait. One critter, one fish. Now I’m out there on my hands and knees scouring the leaves for bait. The dilimna now is whether to pull them when they are tiny and not doing any leaf damage or let them grow into nice fat juicy ones. It’s a squash vs bream tradeoff.

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