lake talk

The lake is perfect. It’s a bit higher than normal, clear, and just the right temperature for swimming. It’s back where you can put a drink on the dock and reach it from the lake. Doesn’t get much better than that. The bass fishing could be better but it will improve in a couple of months when the water temperature gets below 80 again. I love it now that when I work myself into a real sweat in the garden or the jungle, I can just walk to the lake and jump in. And this time of year I have about an hour to fish between eating dinner and it getting dark. Wonder what the rich folk are doing.

And the lake seems to be undergoing another change. We have always had lily pads at various locations around the lake and fairly close to shore. They seem to do well in 8-10′ of water. By Florida standards our lake is “deep”; that means more than 10′. Prior to the low water period of the past year, the lake was generally 15′-20′ deep so the lily pads more or less hugged the shoreline. What I notice now is that water lilies are springing up in the center of the lake – not in profusion but enough to notice. I have commented how clear the water had gotten and my guess is that the combination of lower level and clearer water meant that the lilies had enough light to actually grab a foothold in the deeper water. It will be interesting to see if they die off with the higher water or if they gained enough of a start to proliferate.

So it’s mid Sept which is about the time the National Hurricane Center comes out with a new forecast saying that we might not have as many storms as they forecast at the beginning of the season. The scientists will say the decrease is due to Global warming – that would be the same scientists who predicted more storms due to Global warming. They’ll be so bold as to say that the cooler water temps in the Atlantic are also do to global warming. Something like melting ice in the polar regions cools the south Atlantic. Global warming is perfect because no matter what happens it gets the blame and most people will believe it.

So far so good on the fall garden. It’s definitely buggier and I probably need a bio hazard suit with all the spraying I’m doing but I’ve only lost about 10%. That sounds like a lot but I overplant by about 30% to let nature take it’s share.
We had a meeting of the homeowners association – that would be George, May, and me. All of the protest problems at the Anthony neighborhood made us conclude that we needed to see exactly how we were set up to deal with protesters and, for that matter, all the normal home owner association concerns. Clearly you need some rules:

1. Paint and color – you can paint anytime you want; any color you want. or not at all if that suits you.

2. Plants, lawns and landscaping – you can plant whatever you want or let nature take it’s course.

3. Burning – you can burn your household and yard trash whenever you want. If you burn down one of our houses, you have to pay for that.

4. Flags – You can put up whatever kind of flag you want just so long as the rest of us don’t have to see it.

5. Protesters – you can shoot them if you want but have to be sure you are aiming away from one of the neighborhood houses.

6. Boats and trailers – you can have as many as you want and put them wherever you want on your own property.

7. Clotheslines – not a problem, hang away.

8. dogs and cats – as many as you want but if they get onto a neighbor’s property, they are fair game. If you shoot them, you have to aim away from the neighbors house.
Politics –
Here’s an interesting thing to consider. If McCain-Palin wins, about half the dem’s will call it racism and the other half will blame the party for not nominating Clinton. And of course all the riff raff from the boonies will have gotten it wrong again. What the networks need to do is fire all the NY based anchors and hire some real people who will be able to accurately report to the people what’s going on. It cracked me up the other night when Greta Van Sustern was interviewing Todd – first dude – Palin and asked him where he was when he heard his wife was being considered for the Veep spot. He was working second shift on an oil rig on the north slope. A real guy. The elitist lib’s just have no way to deal with running against real people. They need to consult with Barbara Streisand or Brad Pitt to get some new ideas.

One thought on “lake talk

  1. Regardless of who wins, it’s a fact that Obama would have had it sewn up if He’d swallowed his pride and asked Hillary to be his running mate. He could then have made Bill a roving ambassador, sent him all over the world (You have to admit, He is charming) thereby having the best of both worlds.


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