All about Bream

The amazing thing that has changed since the water in the lake came back to normal is the size and quantity of bream, AKA bluegill, living around the dock. These are the kind of bream that you spot underwater and say “that can’t be a bream, they don’t get that big”. My newest form of relaxation is sitting on the dock and feeding the fish a dozen or so pellets at a time. The speed and ferocity with which they attack the food is mind boggling. I also learned something I thought was quite interesting. Right off the dock, maybe 6-8′, is a bed of lily pads. The other day when I was pitching out the pellets, a few landed on top of a pad. After the fish had eaten all the floating pellets and I had quit tossing out more, a couple of them starting popping the pad where the feed sat. Each time they popped the bottom of the pad the pellet moved. It was quite a distinct sound and the pad flexed exactly where the fish hit. After a few hits, the pellet fell into the water and was quickly gobbled up. So I pitched a couple more onto pads and sure enough the bream worked the pad until the pellet ended up in the lake. I was amazed they could even see the pellet through the rather thick pad and more amazed at the persistence they showed in working it to the edge and down the hatch.

So I’m restarting the garden. Call me the eternal optimist but I’m starting this at the height of storm season having just lost a complete garden two weeks ago to Fay. The other danger to starting one at this time is the possibility of an early frost. I’m timing it such that any frost prior to mid December could hurt and a frost before Thanksgiving would be a disaster. So I’m really playing roulette with mom nature. The main reason I’m going at it is to try some new bug control stuff I bought. I mentioned earlier that the garden eating critters are going at it full time so I have armed myself with a totally different tack. The diazanon and malathion didn’t get the job done so I’ve crossed over to oil and soap based prescriptions. I liken this to the war in Iraq. Originally they went in with the heavy duty, conventional stuff but that just didn’t get it for the terrorist groups. The army figured out that going at it differently – up close and personal – got the job done. Diazanon and Malathion, particularly in the dosage I used, are heavy hitters. But somehow it didn’t touch the micro bugs that nailed me. The soap/oil approach is supposed to coat the stems and leaves and basically smother the bad guys. The only thing I have to lose is a few seeds and some time – which in my case is cheap. So I’m proceeding more for the science of it than the harvest.

Joey is doing just fine but he did lose his eyebrows. They weren’t much to start with so the loss is no big deal. He had eyebrows like me, very light colored, so they were barely noticeable to start with. Wonder if his will come back dark and curly? Mine eventually turned into Andy Rooney walrus brows. All the blood testing still shows good heading into the 6th treatment. I think after the 8th, he gets another PET scan to check internal progress. Nancy mixed up a batch of corn chowder and some daiquiri jello this time. He’s gained 5 pounds so we know none of the food is going to waste.

GO GATORS. Let me advise the BCS guys right up front – what I’m not looking for is a Florida-Missouri matchup in a post season bowl game. Give both of us a nice BIG 10 team to beat up on.

Politics – I separate and label this so those so inclined and could care less about my opinion, can skip it.

I was truly surprised/shocked that the McCain speech outdrew Obama’s at the convention. I assumed that since it was opposite the NFL season opener, it would be poorly watched. What does that mean? Good news for McCain or bad news for the NFL? I understood a big number on Palin – curiosity – but who hasn’t heard McCain? Do you think that maybe Palin raised the interest so much that people wanted to hear him? Love to see a demographic breakdown on who watched.

Here’s the other big surprise to me. The feminist groups are tearing into Palin. I would have assumed that since she was a successful woman in a leadership position, feminists would have been proud and elated or at least mute. What’s that all about? Is it because she chose not to abort her handicapped baby? I thought the feminists were pro choice but maybe it’s not the freedom to make the choice they support, but exactly what the choice is. Maybe it’s even something more fundamental. She’s really attractive and most of the feminists are really doggy and to be a feminist in good standing, you have to be on the ugly side. Whatever it is, you can now say for sure that the feminist groups are not genuinely supportive of women – just some women.

And what’s blowing me away is how out of touch the Dem leadership is. They bypass Clinton and then trash Palin. I laughed when Charlie Gibson, the lib ABC anchor, said that the polls showing a 20% shift in women voters from Dem to Republican was “startling”. These NE clowns simply don’t understand the thought processes of normal, mortals. Guess what Charlie, women are going to vote for the ticket with the woman on board; blacks are going to vote for the ticket with a black on board; and if a Hispanic were on one of the tickets, that ticket would get the Hispanic vote. duh!! The big thing Palin brings to the ticket are Republicans who were cool on McCain – me included.

What this is starting to shape up in my eyes, is the same issues that elected Bush. Character and trust. Time and time again, the American people in the end, go for the candidates they feel they can trust; have strong characters; and are willing and able to defend them from the bad guys. Nobody can doubt that when the chips are down, you’d want McCain to have your back and not Obama waving a white flag. Forget the issues like healthcare, education etc. etc. They are important to small interest groups but trust and security trumps all other issues. And I think by now everyone understands that no matter which party has the white house, these issues are beaten to death in congress and nothing much ever changes. So Dem’s, please quit nominating big city libs. You won with Carter, you won with Clinton, and you won with Lyndon Johnson. You lost with Dukakis, you lost with Kerry, you lost with Gore (not really from Tennessee). Start grooming some good ole country boys from the south or the west and give up on the NE snobs.

2 thoughts on “All about Bream

  1. You know I have to take exception to the feminist groups tearing into Palin because of her decion to have her downs baby. I think she is a lovely woman, she has been a good governor
    for Alaska and she brings some excitement to the McCain campaign. Her baby decision is the business of no one other than her doctor and herself. If she chooses to let her husband have an vote that’s her perogative. My problem with her is she doesn’t have the qualifications to be a heartbeat from the presidency (on the off chance that McCain wins). I also think
    most feminists are not ugly. A little plain maybe. 🙂


  2. Please remove the double negative in my next to last sentence. I got so carried away on the choice issue, I ignored the rest of your blog. I enjoyed hearing about the brim and the new
    garden but I’m overjoyed to hear how well Joey is doing. Please give him our love.


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