George’s doing great

George came through his heart valve replacement surgery just fine. The next few days are critical in terms of bleeding and clotting but the valve is operating per plan. They determined that in addition to the valve, his heart was enlarged and that his current pacemaker is inadequate so he’s having a new one installed tomorrow – a four lead device instead of the current three lead device. He sounded great – much stronger than he did a week ago.

When all was said and done, we logged in 3” of rain from Beryl and another 1.5” since. Not too impressive but enough to soak things thoroughly. We lost a couple of corn plants and one of the insect coverings was torn to shreds because of the high wind but other than that, things look good. The squash is officially gone; cucumbers at 98% gone; tomatoes, 90%. I’m going to dig up the Idaho potatoes later this week and see whether they made the cross country transplant successfully. The green peppers are coming on strong and should produce continuously for months; ditto egg plant. The corn should all ripen in the next couple of weeks; Okra toward the end of June. Remember all the leaves from the sweet potatoes had been eaten by either a deer or rabbits? I covered those and the plants have all new foliage and look strong. Not sure how the potatoes fared but am optimistic that we’ll be into them in July.

Little tommy loves his job; and he loves Grand Fork; and he loves his apartment; and he loves his car. All’s well in North Dakota. In my experience if you have the right attitude, everything will go your way and for sure, he has the right attitude. The other day he forwarded the results of his first publishable assignment – one page of the Herald on Thursday. I had to laugh when he said his boss hoped he wouldn’t give his two week notice in December – apparently that’s fairly common with folks experiencing their first ND winter.

And no one could be happier than Simon up in the NC wilderness. He’s amongst wilderness buffs and professionals like himself – just soaking it all up. He said that every afternoon they play extreme frissbee – his favorite game ever – and then end up in the river. He’s a true outdoorsman and seems to love every facet of being out in the forests and it seems that all the other people he’s interfacing with are the same.