Urban moves on

There’s a reason I haven’t posted any pictures showing nice stringers of Spec’s and it has nothing to do with the camera. I am catching nothing, zip, zero, nada. This is the longest dry spell ever. It must be that the combination of uber cold and super low lake levels has the fish confused and acting out. I plan to keep at it but this is normally about when the season ends. Maybe it’s just going to be way later than normal but I think it may be that they just skipped the whole schooling and spawning routine this year.

Not true for Wood ducks. We always have a couple of pairs nesting here but this year there are 4-6 pairs bobbing about. It definitely gets your heart started when you’re paddling along silently and have a couple of ducks bust out of the brush a few feet ahead of you. Saw an osprey hovering over a chick the other day and then crashed down on the water. The duckling must have spotted him just in time and dived because after the osprey raised up empty, the little guy popped up on the surface. I knew the eagles went after them but had never seen an osprey dive on anything but fish. I would have hated to see him lift off with a little duck hanging below him.
Picking Kohlrabi now. Many folks don’t know what that is so I took a pic. We eat the bulb, raw – either cut up in salad or into strips for dipping in ranch. It has a crispy texture with a flavor similar to broccoli but milder. I’ve also tried them cut into strips, drizzled with olive oil, a little salt and pepper and grilled on the Holland for about 10 minutes. Delicious. One of Nancy’s bridge buddies loves the greens so I make sure she gets them. She’s the seamstress who adjusts my pants as required. Her brother-in-law died a few months ago and she put away a few pair of his dress slacks for me. They were brand new. He has the same waist size but was about 3” taller so she’s shortening the legs. The veggie next to the kohlrabi is a Jersey Wakefield cabbage. Great heritage variety. That particular one is heading to the bridge club also – to the shrimp lady.

Wonder if the melted icebergs from the Arctic are going to show up in the Great Lakes or Long Island Sound? How would that figure into the global warming calculations? Looks like we’re going to miss out on this latest monster storming attacking the midwest and East Coast. So far this season all of these big storms have tracked all the way to the deep south but this time we’ll be basking in 75 degree temps and enjoying watching the yankee’s slippin’ and slidin’ on the tube.

Didn’t take Urban Meyers long to get a new job. The prevailing theory since he resigned was that he would end up on the tube doing college ball analysis – making just as much money with a lot less stress. Congrat’s ESPN.