New at the Lake

You remember that scruffy old trailer on Purdom Cemetery Road? Well it’s finally going away. I walked up there today and there’s an old time guy, 75, taking it apart for scrap value. He’s doing it piece by piece, screw by screw, so it’s not something that’s going to happen tomorrow but I’m guessing by the end of Feb it will be down to almost nothing. He’s getting the aluminum siding, the copper plumbing and wiring, windows, and great looking 2×4’s. All of that material has good scrap value these days. As I understand it, the people trying to sell property on the road raised hell with the owner saying the trailer was killing their hope of selling. I’m sure that’s the case. George managed to talk the guy out of the hot water heater so he’ll have a “spare”.

Spec’s are biting fairly well. At least for George. I went out with him yesterday for a couple hours and this morning for about an hour. Yesterday he caught 6 very nice specs and a couple of small bass using live minnows. I tried that Sabiki bait rig which I knew would be a killer – I got skunked. Today we were only out for a while and he caught a small bass and a large bream but no spec’s. I got skunked again. Perhaps I’m wrong about the Sabiki but it sure looks good to me so I’m going to keep on it for just a few more days.

The freeze forecast for Monday and Tuesday didn’t happen. I think it got close Monday morning but didn’t get there. If we can hang in for another 2-3 weeks, we’re probably home free for this year. I really didn’t care since my fruit trees have not blossomed yet. Once that happens, the last thing we want is a freeze. I’d like them to hold off until March but I have zero control over it. We ended up with really great grapefruit this year including two Ruby Red’s off that scruffy tree I moved two years ago. Assuming they don’t get nailed this month, we should really have a great crop next year. I think the Satsuma orange is still too young but between the tangerine and the two grapefruit trees, we have plenty.

Had a real shock the other day. Our VHS tape recorders are a little old and acting up now and again. They generally work but don’t always rewind, fast forward, and sometimes randomly eject the tape. Time to replace. We were in Daytona Monday and went into Sam’s. No VHS recorders. Went to Best Buy – when I asked where they were, they looked at me like I was from Venus or something. I could get a unit that was combined with a DVD player which I don’t need, but no plain old go to hell VHS recorder. Now I’m starting to panic. We still had Circuit City and Wal-mart on the road ahead. At Circuit City they had two on clearance which I quickly scooped up. I guess because the networks will be broadcasting only digital in two years, the market for VHS is drying up. My hope is that I’ll be able to buy some kind of D/A converter when the switch happens so I don’t have to change anything behind that box. We really, really, really don’t need all the hassle and complexity that comes with a jillion channels and remote controls with 100’s of buttons. Old eyes and fat fingers just don’t do well with tiny buttons and cryptic codes that come with multi-function remote controllers.

One thought on “New at the Lake

  1. Hi Joe,
    I’ve started reading your blog lately since you forgot to tell us some minor details a few weeks ago. I sure misunderstood the prostate problem – I thought everything was benign. Your treatment choice sounds good though. Please keep us in the loop. After I read your blog, I went on to cover the whole family’s blogs. I enjoyed reading them all. You must be so proud of all your boys. Tina’s blog is fun to read. I don’t have the discipline to do a blog so I’ll just enjoy the Carbones. Tell Chris to write more often. It’s hard to visualize the life of a New Yorker.


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