A New Garden Option

The garden is taking shape for the season.  Planted seedlings of cauliflower, broccoli, kale and swiss chard this week.   The cabbages, peppers and tomatoes I put in last month are mostly doing well whereas the earlier planted squash and cucumbers are being routinely consumed by the critters and becoming fodder for the compost pile.  I only planted those on hopes of a cooler season but, if anything, it was hotter and more humid than usual.  I’ve also planted a few seeds for a new crop.  Trying to grow fennel.  Nancy uses fennel in her tomato sauce and it’s not alway easy to get.  Never tried to grow Fennel so not sure what to expect.  It’s a fairly fast crop, 50-60 days so may be ready before any frost.  

And, another option surfaced regarding gardening on the neighbors property.   Still no complaints from them but the neighbor on the other side, the Ashcraft’s,  suggested that I plant a garden on their property.   I really wouldn’t relish starting over from scratch but it is an alternative that I hadn’t considered.  Brian and Amy Ashcraft have decided to fix up the old double wide on the property they inherited from their Grandmother, May, and move in.  They (Amy) had considered tearing it down and building a new place but instead they (Brian) opted for the renovation and adding a large, steel shed for his business.   He’s going to open some kind of handyman business.  Their plans include building a nice dock and a new ski boat so I think my garden would be secure there for as long as we’re here.

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