Tuesday was a great day – Nancy came in second at bridge with 14 1/2 tables and Peter caught a nice pompano in the surf at Flagler Beach.   That made his trip complete.  They’ll be leaving Wednesday heading south to Key West.   A few days there and then they head north to VA and west and south back to California.   I think they’ll be another month on the road.  Their motor home is really nice and roomy – I was impressed.   

 The big news is that Tom resigned from UCF to join Iron Galaxy ( the video game company) full time.   He’s been operating two full time positions for quite some time now with continuous growth in both endeavors.   There’s only so many hours in a day and a certain amount of time needs to be set aside for golf and fishing.  Tom’s new title is GM (of Operations I think) with responsibilities in Orlando and Chicago.

The garden is changing rapidly now as summer looms.  The greens have been the prominent residents for the past few months but the heat tears them up.   The swiss chard is on it’s last legs as are the turnips, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and carrots.   The only greens still holding up are collards and kale.  Tomatoes are coming on strong and we’ve started converting cherry and paste varieties into tomato sauce.   You know you have a serious tomato supply when you can cook up cherry tomatoes into 10 quarts of sauce – and they’re just coming on now.   Green peppers also doing well.   The jury’s out on squash.   They always look good early in the season but often become overwhelmed by critters and heat.  The interesting thing about the squash this season is that all the plants popped up in the compost pile from seeds that came from store bought squash and made it to the dinner table – not from seeds I purchased.   So no idea what variety they are or whether they’re acorn or butternuts.   Also no idea if they’re a variety that can handle our climate.   It’s also possible that they are not squash at all but melons.  They all look the same early on.  So it’s a crap shoot, wait and see crop. 

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