The Party

First big lake party in quite some time.   The occasion was Peter Ronca’s visit to Florida and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a family reunion.   I think the final head count was 20.   It started out in the AM with some hard rain but by mid afternoon it couldn’t have been nicer and the lake played a role in the fun and frolics.  We haven’t had a party this large in quite a while and we were a little concerned that we’d be overwhelmed.   Joey, Mark, Tom and Tina to the rescue.   They took over many of the more physically taxing jobs and when they left, there was very little additional cleanup required the next day.  Easiest party we ever hosted.  I think we’ve got this on a roll now and should plan a few more this summer.  As far as food, Nancy and I made a huge pan of baked beans, a large macaroni salad, broccoli salad, and carrot salad. We picked up a large box of fried chicken from Publix – 50 pieces – plus a veggie tray. Tom brought a fully populated giant cooler of drinks plus a cooler full of water which were positioned down at the lake on the dock. We put together another cooler of drinks for the porch. Tina brought another magnificent cake. It was Peter’s birthday making the day even more special.

Peter and Lei are staying at a campground on Flagler Beach – right on the ocean.   It’s about a mile south of where we used to spend our beach time so we’re totally familiar with the area.  I fixed up a surf fishing outfit for Peter and really hope the surf is good to him.   Our plan is to hook up on the beach Tuesday.  I’ll drop Nancy off to her bridge game and hook over to Peter’s to go fishing with him.  Then I’ll get Nancy and we’ll head back over to the beach and a picnic with Pete and Lei.   Not sure what their plans are for the rest of the week but think it involves a trip to the Keys.  

Other notable guests to the event were Little Tommy and Kate who drove in from Chicago and Simon and Amy who drove in Alabama.   Johnny, Brian, and Joanne and their respective spouses, representing the Brueggemann clan.  The big surprise for everyone was just how much Peter looks like Uncle Vinnie.   You could instantly pick him out of a crowd as a Ronca.  

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