She’s number 1

She’s back!    Nancy finished 4th in the 13 table bridge game Tuesday and had several people request her consideration as a future partner.   She was having some personal doubts as to her ability after a couple of bad hands last week.  I tried to convince her that was to be expected with a layoff of over a year.  And who knows, maybe the stitches in her ear have focused her on the game more.  They come out on Friday so we’ll have see how she plays after they’re removed.  

The Thursday game was even more rewarding – she and her partner came in first!  So that totally dispels the notion that the lay-off had any impact on her ability to play.   Our phone rang off the hook with potential partners calling.

Friday – the stitches came out easily and it looks pretty good.   The bummer was that the cutting did not get all the bad stuff and needs a little more trimming – scheduled for May 3.   It’s still very low risk melanoma but it makes sense to have it gone.   I guess that’s easy for me since it’s not my ear.

After the stitch removal we went to the retina doc for her eye shot.  That seems to have gone well with not a drop of blood showing.   The shots have always been administered on Friday’s at 8 week intervals but they are changing that to Wednesdays.   Nancy was quite happy with that change since she has a bridge partner that can only play on Friday’s and the shots interfered with that.   So now it looks like bridge/surf fishing days will be Tuesday’s and Fridays.  

As a reward for all the morning doctoring, we went back to Buc-ee’s.   The last time we went was right after the grand opening and it was a madhouse.   I needed gas and they’re $.40 under the prevailing prices so it made sense.   It was still a total madhouse.   You can’t imagine the amount of business they do.  Inside we picked up a dozen muffins after the first batch we bought turned out so good.  Also decided to get beef brisket sandwiches to take home – excellent.  Outside they have 104 gas pumps and I suspect at least 50 were being used.  

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