A New Carbone

We’re going to have a great grandson!

Nancy’s melanoma ear surgery came off just fine.   We arrived at the hospital at 6:45 AM and left by noon.  Full knock out.   It took 20 tiny stitches to close it up.  The pain has been very manageable and she’s been getting by with a couple of Tylenol every 4 hours.  We took the bandage off last night and have been swabbing it with Neosporin.  To me, it looks fine.   

The Tuesday bridge/surf fishing events came off without a hitch. Nancy came in 4th in the 13 table game so she’s back in the groove. She was beating herself up for not coming back from the hiatus at full speed so this good finish does a lot. The fishing was great but the catching was lousy. The beach was back to being crowded but the weather was perfect. I fished for about 2 hours with not a bite. There were about 20 other rods in the water within eye sight and in that 2 hours, I didn’t see any rods bending at all. Still loved it.

Had Easter at Tom and Tina’s.  Tina made a great breakfast and dinner featuring a smoked leg of lamb.   Olivia was home from school for the Easter break and we got to see her a couple of times.  She’s doing very well in PA school and is really starting to talk like a doctor!!

Starting to pick carrots again and they are really nice – good color and straight.   Home grown carrots are often ugly but I planted the seeds in a row I’d been softening and composting with grass cuttings for a couple of years.   You can sure tell the difference.   The area I’m picking now is adjacent to the turnips and those too have been incredibly productive and picture ready.  

Another big event coming up is the start of blueberry season.  Weather dependent, that’s usually sometime between the first of April and the first of May. I have an “appointment” at Blueberry Hill Farms in Crescent City where we’ve bought our annual supply of blueberries for the past 10 years or so.   We get $100 worth and freeze them in pint size ziplock bags.   I have two bags left from last season which will get me thru to the first of May.  I could get them for less by picking them myself but……………

Friday is a big day for Nancy – gets the stitches removed from her ear and an eye shot –  stitches at 8:45AM;  eye shot at 9:45.  To brighten the day, maybe we’ll hit Buc-ee’s for cheap gas, super muffins, and brisket sandwiches.  

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