Getting Ready for a Ronca Visit

The garden salads now include cherry tomatoes.    I think we’re going to have more tomatoes this year than ever before.  Also picking small broccoli florets for the salad so these are becoming masterpieces.   

The weather is crazy.  It’s April 2 and we could have overnight lows in the 30’s – should be in the 60’s.   By Sunday we will be back in the upper 80’s for afternoon highs.   It’s really confusing some of the garden but by and large, they’re doing well.   Sure need some rain though.   Another weather phenomena that caused me some trouble is the high winds.   It was howling this morning when Nancy and I went to the hospital for her surgery and still howling when we came home after noon.  The palm trees were bent nearly horizontal. I went down to the dock to make sure things were ok and found the glider hanging off the dock in the water.   It was all I could do to get it back on the dock and tied up.   At least I thought it was tied up but about 30 minutes later, back in the drink.   Retrieved it again and really secured it this time.   I decided to paint the new picnic table with a clear preservative.  With the cooler temps, lower humidity and wind I figured it would cure quickly.  It did.   I ended up using a full quart – along with the top side of the new table, got an old picnic table, and the Adirondack chair.   I’ll probably get another quart and do the underside of all those and the glider – if it behaves and stays on the dock.  I also painted another old picnic table – bright red – and a final coat on the old metal dock chairs.   Good as new.

Nancy’s cousin, Peter Ronca, and his wife are about to start a cross country vacation trip in their giant motor home.  They’re scheduled here the end of April and have reservations on Beverly Beach about a half mile from where we used to spend our beach weeks.  It’s great surf fishing there and I’m guessing that Peter would love to try it so I decided to break out another couple of my surf fishing outfits for them to borrow.    I hadn’t used either in several years so decided it made sense to check them out.   No matter how you clean off gear that’s been used on the beach, it’s never quite enough and it’s almost expected that when you don’t use them occasionally, they can be cranky getting started.   These two were locked up solid.   I almost gave up on them a couple times but in a couple of hours they were humming.   Nothing is ever easy!   I used to be able to fix reels easily but that’s when I could see much better and my fingers were better connected to my brain. 

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