New Venues

Mark and Joey came up Friday and we attacked the dock again – power washing, replacing rotting wood, and generally getting it ready for summer use which included assembling a new picnic table I’d bought on sale a few years ago.  It had been quite a while since it was thoroughly attacked so it was a multi day event.   I have a little more cleaning and painting to do and Mark has a little more carpentry but it’s close to perfect now.   Nancy has not been down to the dock in quite a while so I decided to set up a “picnic” to reintroduce her to the potential.   She was properly impressed with the results and I think we may repeat the picnic experience in the future.   Seems that there’s always a nice breeze off the lake and about 10 degrees cooler than up at the house so it just makes sense.   Sort of like eating lunch at the Funky Pelican or Hidden Treasure.  Even carried a few craft beers down just in case.  

Another Tuesday, another bridge game and surf fishing event.   I dropped Nancy along with a large load of greens from the garden at the Bridge game and headed off to the surf.   The conditions were near perfect – beach not crowded, light wave and current action, light breeze from the NE.    The only problem was that the fish weren’t biting – at all.  I gave it two hours then headed to get my chores done – that meant Home Depot to pick up a few things for the dock, Aldi’s for pizza shells (Artisan Flat Bread), and Houligan’s for a brewski.  The last time I went to Houligan’s I was a total stranger -not one of the folks I had shared stories with for a couple of years was there.   This time a couple of familiar faces turned up so we had year’s worth of catching up to do.  I left there about a half hour earlier than usual to hit Home Depot.   The dock restoration project is winding down and I’m into some dock furniture painting.  That will keep me busy for the rest of the week – squeezing in Nancy’s pre-op Covid testing (she tested negative) and her ear operation along the way.   She has a small melanoma that is worth getting rid of and that happens Friday.

The other newsworthy items is that we hit the new, Palm Coast Culver’s for our after bridge treat and the new Daytona Buc-ee’s.   Both new venues were jammed, especially Buc-ee’s.   For those who don’t know, Buc-ee’s is a way oversized gas station and convenience store.   The gas station features 104 pumps, priced $0.40 under the local prices.  The C-store is 50,000+ SF, larger than most Publix’s.   They have some really unusual items in the C-store featuring freshly prepared barbecue – think Texas brisket; a large bakery with all manor of breads and goodies, a full wall of jerky, a full wall of popcorn, nuts, and wild munchies.   Way too much to describe – you pretty much have to experience it to appreciate the scope of it.   It was way, way too crowded to fully get the scope of it but I’m sure we’ll schedule the next visit outside of prime time.  The one disappointment was that the food is only takeout with no place to sit down and eat – inside or out. 

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