More changes to deal with

Great day.    It’s Tuesday aka Palm Coast bridge day.   I dropped her off and headed for the beach to see what the surf conditions would be.   It’s been cold, rainy, and worst of all windy for the past few days and I had my doubts about the fishing prospects.   Sure enough the waves were large and the water mass was strongly moving south along the coast.  I tried a 4 oz pyramid sinker – just about the largest I can handle with the length of cast required.  It simply couldn’t hold and quickly washed up on the shore a couple hundred feet south.   I tried for about a half hour and finally just gave it up – not  bite.  

 It was too early to convert the afternoon to a brewery day so I drove to the European Village in Palm Coast and decided to hike the path alongside the intracoastal.   I reversed directions from my usual trek and started under the beach bridge and walked south to the Waterfront Park.   It’s 1.5 miles one way, about 40  minutes for me, and I used to routinely make the round trip walk with a stop for a brewski.   Starting at the bridge gave me a 3 mile, non stop hike.   I wasn’t sure I was up to that much walking but decided to give it a shot.   Surprisingly there were quite a few hikers and bikers – way more than I used to encounter last year.  In the past, I could walk the whole path and maybe see 3 or 4 people, hiking or biking.  Now, I encountered people every 50’ or so.  Must be the crowd that used to inhabit shopping centers.   I started running out of gas about half way thru the return trip but pushed thru.  Going to be sore tomorrow.  

Last year at European Village I had a choice between Moonrise Brewery and Farley’s Irish Pub.   The gal behind the bar at Farley’s was my biggest customer for garden greens so I never had to pay for  cold brew there.  Alas – Farley’s was gone.  No doubt a victim of the Covids.   Moonrise was still operating so all was not lost.   I did my customery one beer and headed back to the bridge club to get Nancy.   We decided to stop at a little roadside eatery we’d frequented for years and was from all appearances was nearly ready to collapse.   But somehow over the past year it has become a cult favorite and you have to stand in line 15 minutes to get to order.   They make one of the best fish sandwiches around and we have to struggle to each eat only a half of a sandwich.  I guarantee if you didn’t know about the place, there’s no way you would ever stop there and even if you stopped, it would be tough to bring yourself to eat there.   But the word is out.

So lots of changes in the past year.

Made another incredible salad directly from the garden.  3 different types of lettuce plus swiss chard and turnip greens for the green portion.  Then the roots – radish, turnip, and onion and finally the tomato.   All soaked in Garlic Expressions dressing.   I try to slip in something new each time and see if Nancy spots it.  The turnip greens are the guest ingredient this time.

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