Back in the Groove

The bridge game went just fine and Nancy came out in the middle of the pack.   There were 7 or 8 tables so it was a decent size game.  The games are scheduled for  Tuesdays and Wednesdays only at this time as compared to 7 days a week pre-Covid an Nancy has partners now for both days.  She was concerned that nobody would want to partner up with her but that was put to bed quickly.   She used to play on Monday’s and Friday’s and would rather have those days open again but until then…………

While she was playing, I went to the beach to play surf fishing.   I was surprised at how crowded the beach was but it is Spring Break and lots of good fishing areas were full of kids playing in the surf.   I found a spot among several multi-rod fisherman and set up.   The surf was a little heavier than ideal but still very fishable.    No problems with my gear and within a few minutes was laying  out 50-60 yard casts.   I ended up catching 3 small whiting – topping off a great day at the beach.

I had an errand to run at Home Depot which just happens to be across the parking lot from my go-to Houligans.    There I found absolutely no one I knew – staff or customers.  So that was a bummer.   This was a Tuesday and my normal day there was Monday so that probably explains some of it.  My next trip over is next Tuesday and I’ll try my European Village haunts – the Irish pub and Moonrise brewery.   It’ll probably take a few weeks to get all the kinks worked out of our new social schedule.  I’m also thinking that the bridge club will add more days in a few months if these games go well.  

Garden news – starting to pick turnips.   Wish I knew someone who ate the greens.  I’ve never had luck with them before and tried a new variety just for a last attempt.   I’ll start picking them as soon as Nancy schedules them  into a meal.  It’s also looking like a bumper crop of tomatoes starting early April and Bell peppers.   100% of both crops made it thru the colder than usual winter and the bushes are loaded with tiny fruit and blossoms.

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