Garden Taking Shape

I was telling a guy about the celery experiment and he said I could do the same thing with onions.   Cut off the root end of any onion and root it.  I tried it with two onions we had in the fridge – cut off  an inch or so above the root and placed in a saucer of water.  Within 2 days there were sprouts on each onion.   Unfortunately, in the mean time the celery crashed a few days after moving it to the garden.  I think it’s just been too hot for celery and I will give it another try.   It’s cooled down a bit and I’ll be more diligent in keeping it watered and shaded for the first couple of weeks in the garden.

I’ve started moving my seedlings to the garden and have a row of broccoli and a row of cabbage that seem to be doing just fine.   I moved green peppers and they made it one night before grasshoppers had a feast on them.   Not sure if they’ll recover or not.   I also popped in a couple chard plants but it may be a little early.   I also noticed something when thinning the carrots.  In that same location I had planted cilantro and parsley last season and I spotted two micro plants that popped up that could be either cilantro, parsley, or a closely related weed.  It’s not unheard of to have them self seed but they are both nominally difficult plants to start from commercial seed – at least I’ve had trouble.  Usually I end up buying plants at Publix and skipping the seed trial.   Later this week I’m going to transplant some tomato plants.   I have some growing in the garden that self started and they were doing great until an attack by the giant green caterpillars.  One of those critters can totally strip a 3’ tall tomato plant in a matter of hours.   I’m hoping they’ll re-foliate and go on to produce fruit but…………

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