A New Crop

I read something that tweaked my interest re the garden.   A couple of weeks ago we picked up celery at Publix.   It was a standard package with the top greens trimmed off.   Nancy put it in the fridge veggie drawer and then cut it off horizontally as she used it – from the top and working down toward the heel.  This as opposed to using it a stalk at a time.   What I read was that you could cut off the heel and plant it directly in the garden.   I decided to try it but didn’t really expect anything happen – since the celery had probably been out of the grounds for weeks and mostly refrigerated.  I set it out on the porch in a shallow bowl with an inch or so of water.   Less than a week later, it was putting out green leaves from the center of the heel.   No roots showing (yet) but clearly the plant was alive and well.   I’ll give it another week on the porch and then move it to the garden.  I’m stoked about this since I’ve tried growing celery from seed several time with less than great success.   I’ve gotten celery plants but the stalks are small and stringy.   We usually pick up celery each time we go to Publix – probably one a week – so in a couple of months we could be celery independent – the same way we are now pineapple independent.  

According to the article, 4-5 of these plants in the garden should take care of a family of four year round.  

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