Farm to Market Job

Got up early and walked up to get the paper – looking for the weekly Publix ad.   Nancy had said she wanted to go and pick up a few things.  The ad, this time, included a $50 Shell gas card for $40.  One card for each $50 you spend.   Since we’re driving very little these days, we have an inventory of Shell cards but it’s hard to pass up a 20% discount on gas.   We also knew that  if you get a flu shot there you get a $10 Publix credit card.   So for a purchase of $100 – not a challenge for Nancy – we would get a $20 discount on today’s grocery cart via the flu shots and two $50 gas cards.   No brainer.    The trick is trying to load the grocery cart and hit the $100.   Nancy keeps track of that in her head as she’s shopping along pitching things in the cart.   She normally hits it within $10 but today was the all time record – she spent $100.04.   Remember, no pencil and paper and not knowing the exact numbers on any particular item since we’re both loading the cart.   When I have to go alone in that same gas card situation, I make a list on the laptop and then fill in the prices as I shop along – keeping a running total. Much clunkier than Nancy’s method.

In the last post I mentioned planting winter garden seeds on Sept 15.   I mentally program a week for germination so I was surprised again when a substantial number of the seeds popped out in two days.   What’s going on this year?  I’ll be transferring these little seedlings to small pots – yogurt cups with holes drilled in the bottom to allow bottom watering- in the next day or two.   The first to repot will be the tomatoes and green peppers but the kale, cabbage, and cauliflowers are right behind. 

Here’s an interesting one.  I mention often last year about my afternoons in Palm Coast – dropping off Nancy at bridge and then going to Waterfront Park for a long walk.   The end destination of the walk was  a Pub and a brewery in the European Village.   I made friends with the bartender at the pub and used to bring her vegetables from the garden for her vegetarian daughter.   She quit charging me for the beer and I had a home for excess veggies.   I haven’t been there since February and was fairly certain the place would be shut down or operating in a much reduced mode.  Imagine my surprised when we got a call this morning from “Denise”.   She’s not working until the place can operate 100% but decided to open a small, farm to market, breakfast place in the Village.  That’s an upscale operation.  She asked if I would sell her greens and other veggies for the restaurant.  I told her that I wouldn’t commit to anything because you never know with a home garden but that she was welcome to my excess – no charge.  I’m thinking maybe an occasional breakfast for us.   The new place is about 2 doors down from the pub so I imagine she’d run restaurant in the morning and then pop over to the pub in the afternoon.  So I’ll have to plant little more Kale and Chard than usual and make a more concentrated effort on getting spinach to grow.  

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