Official start of the fall garden

I’m officially designating Sept 7 as the first day of the fall garden season.   I finished weeding enough rows and tilled them – about half the total space.   Then I planted seeds indoors – 4 different tomato varieties and green bell peppers.   Two of the tomato varieties are one’s I’ve never tried before.  I waited too long to order seeds and some that I’ve had success with were out of stock.  

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’ll start planting green bean seeds directly the garden.   I spread out the bean planting, doing two rows every two weeks, so they don’t all start producing at the same time.  Target for first planting is two ten foot rows with seeds planted 6” apart. 

Before the end of the week I’ll plant squash seeds directly in the garden.  My plan is to have one row with 5 squash plants, 36” apart.  Two varieties.   Sometimes we have a great squash season, sometimes not so great – depends on bug and weather conditions more than anything.  I’ve used both varieties in the past with reasonable success.  One problem with squash here in the fall is that the plants are really large with big leaves making them susceptible to wind damage.  

In a couple of weeks, maybe Oct 1, I’ll plant carrots.  The carrot strategy is the same as the beans – plant a row every couple of weeks to extend the harvest.  This year I bought nothing but pelleted carrot seed.  Carrot seed is to tiny that you have to over plant and then thin the tiny plant as they germinate.  Doesn’t sound like too big a deal but it’s hands and knees kind of work.   Pelleted seed is much more expensive but I planted some last year as well as using traditional seed and was well satisfied that the pelleted seed was worth the extra money.   

Maybe a small patch of lettuce even though it’s a bit early.   This is a hedge just in case we get a cooler than usual fall and there’s a variety called Black Seeded Simpson that handles heat fairly well.

The green peppers are a variety I’ve planted for the past 40 years with consistent results.   So now we just hope the weather is favorable – no early frost, no hurricane winds.

So we’re off and running

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