Finally some news

Had another strange one last night/this morning.   As usual I walked up to the mail box/newspaper box about 7AM.  We keep the trash can about half way up – next to the carport and utility sheds – maybe 100 feet or so up from the house.   I noticed that the trash can was turned on it’s side – a good sign that a bear had gotten into it.  I happened to remember that there were two full plastic trash bags in the can.  Usually when this happens, the bear gets the bag and rips it open creating a cleanup mess.  This time the can was empty but no signs of the trash bags.  I walked all around the property and never found a sign of any trash.  Checked both neighbors and still saw no trash.   Strange.

Spent two or so days straightening our a water problem.   Nancy was drawing a bath and called me when the water flow turned to a few drips.  This is not a totally unheard of event.   The well has a controller with contacts that open and close to activate the pump based on the pressure.  The contactor is contained in a small box next to the well/pump but it’s not sealed and inevitably bugs or lizards can  figure a way to get inside.  They get across the contacts – frying them – and shutting down the well pump.   The cure takes about 5 minutes and involves removing the cover, removing the dead body and lightly brushing off the contacts with an emory board.   You have to be careful since the electric service at the pump is 220V.   Sure enough, after cleaning the contacts, all seemed well – the pump turned on and the pressure built up to 50PSI and Nancy’s bath started refilling.   But 5 minutes later, back to the low pressure mode.   I called the well/pump guy and he said it didn’t sound like a problem on his end but rather a clogged filter somewhere in the system.   That was easy to figure since we have a water softener which had been serviced just the day before – for smelly water.   The service guy said the problem was that the tank had been placed in the  by-pass mode and all he did was to put it back in the regular operating mode.  I remembered that they, Culligan, had placed the unit in bypass mode a month or so back to remove some air that had gotten in the system.  So I took it out of bypass and, as if by magic, the system started working – with smelly water.   A quick call resolved that by a Culligan service call to replace the old tank.   So now we’re back in business.

As long as I was messing with the water system, I decided to drain the hot water heater tank.  That’s something recommended on a 6-month/1 year routine maintenance schedule.   Being a guy always on top of things like this – it had been several years since I had drained it.  I’m mechanically challenged so I generally avoid any interaction with these systems.   In this case it went off without a hitch.   I had picked up a tip on the internet to tie a sock around the hose to collect the grit on the bottom of the tank.  I expected to find a mess but instead it was maybe a couple ounces of sand and grit.

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