2020 fall garden prep

After another round of overheating, I implemented a change in approaches to keeping the garden and jungle under control.  I still start early, maybe 8:30, and then work my little heart out for a half hour or so.   At that point I have a good sweat going but don’t feel anything negative.   I go back in the house for 20 minutes or so to cool off and have a drink.  Then back to the task at hand.   So far that approach is working – getting a lot done and not killing myself. 

More specifically, I attacked the compost piles yesterday for a few hours and then again today for three.   One pile, the most mature, was about 2 cubic yards and needed to be spread in the garden in prep for the fall season crop.  I placed it all along the interior periphery – about 150 linear feet by 3’ wide.   If you do the math, it works out to a 4” thick layer of compost covering the 450 SF surface.   Doesn’t sound like that much but it’s lots of shoveling – and a lot of Tylenol.  

So I now have another almost full pile that’s mostly fresh and an empty shell for the new stuff.  Anything new that hits the ground goes into the empty bin while the full pile is turned weekly to keep it cooking and decomposing.  That pile should be ready for the garden by October.   

The next garden task is ordering new seeds for the fall.   I should start tomato plants and pepper plants in the next week or so with a plan to transfer those to the main garden the end of September to mid October.    At that same time I’ll start the first of the row crops directly in the garden – that would include carrots and green beans.  Those row crops will be planted in that 150’ strip mentioned above on a staggered basis so they don’t all pop at the same time.  Still too early to think about winter crops.  All weather permitting.   So I’m scheduling the hurricanes to be over and done with by the first of October. 

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