Finally some News

Last week   I might have overdone it or else I caught something that put me off my game for a few days.   Lots of muscle pain in my legs and back; shivers and chills all night long and well into the next day; a low fever that was on and off for a couple of days.   Other than that………  I was close to calling the doc or going to the ER but decided to tough it out a couple days – guessing that the real problem was overheating and dehydration.  I gradually recovered after a few days with lots of sleeping.   I’ll throttle back a little while it remains so hot.

 You might recall we tried freezing our garden greens this year to use in the summer.   They take up a lot of space in the freezer for the amount of greens but maybe worth it.   Today I made a pizza and decided to use the first of the frozen greens.   Just fine!   I was glad since we froze enough to provide pizza toppings until late fall at least – when the next crop should be popping.  

Finally some news.   A hurricane (with a weird name) on the way and a new car.    The forecast right now is that the closest the storm will get to us is Sunday afternoon where it’s predicted to be 50+ miles off Daytona/Ormond Beach.   That makes it 75 miles or so to the east of us and means tropical storm kind of winds, less than 50mph,  and a few inches of rain.   I have the dock tied down and the screen porch fairly well prepared.   Of course the track can change at any time  but being east of us is best.

The lease on the Encore was 27 months, coming due the end of November.   The Buick folks started hitting us with deals on cutting the lease short and starting a new one.   It sounded reasonable so we decided to schedule a meeting after Nancy had a doc appointment in Daytona, near the dealer.  3 hours later we were driving to my X-Ray appointment and then on to home in a 2020 Buick GS.   So it was quite a full day.  The GS is slightly larger than the Encore and less Suv like – a hatch back trunk but lower profile.   The color is steel gray, about the same color as our old Park Avenue, so we were fine with it.   I like driving it better since the lower CG means less sway and a lower wind profile.   I managed to figure out the XM radio so I can listen to Fox News and the Coffee Shop.

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