No More Dead Pines

We watched our first new released movie on Netflix – Greyhound with Tom Hanks.   How’s that for being current.  

So Florida just sent a record in new corona happenings.  We didn’t notice anything here in Pierson so we went to Ormond to get a little closer to the action.  Even ate out at our go-to seafood place and had an order of conch fritters.  

I think I mentioned that we had two dead pine trees on the property line to the north.   They were both struck by lightning several years ago.  They were in a location and of a size that they wouldn’t hit the house if they fell so I never worried much about them.   Good magnet for wood peckers.    Last week one of them fell over – the smaller of the two, about 60-80’ tall.   Tom convinced me that I should have the other one professionally removed.   Not that it would hit the house but that it would be a mess to clean up and inconvenient if it fell on the driveway.   So I called a tree guy who had done some work for us last year and who does all of Barbara’s work.   They had it down in about 10 minutes.   One guy threw a line with a weight attached up towards that top of the tree then used that line to pull up a heavy duty rope.   They could have attached the rope to the truck and just pull it over but did a chain saw cut about 6’ above ground level and kept pressure on the rope to steer the fall.   It was between a small oak and a fir tree and they dropped it exactly between the two so no damage at all.    They chopped it up into smaller chunks that we tossed into the jungle.   From start to finish less than an hour and they charged me $200 which I thought was reasonable.  

Went to the eye doc – routine annual checkup but I was concerned about my cataracts.   At the last checkup he said I would probably need surgery sooner rather than later but surprisingly this time he said things were really about the same as last year.   I got a prescription for glasses but he said I could drive without them.   So that takes a load off my mind. 

And the sore back reported last time is history.   I had screwed it up bad enough that I thought my heavy duty weeding days were gone but I’m back in tip top weed pulling form with no aches and pains at all.   Thanks Bigeloil.

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