Worn out back muscles

I took on a job cleaning up the weeds, ground cover, and fern on the front porch.  Seemed like something quite doable working a few hours in the morning for a couple of days.  After almost a week I’m about 3/4 complete and totally worn to a frazzle.   Eating Tylenol and lathering on the Bigeloil, a muscle oil for horses.     I would estimate the area at maybe 150 SF, so not all that much.   I pretty much bent my pick on it for the first couple of days and then remembered a garden knife I had bought several years ago and never used.  It was a heavy duty steel knife with a serrated edge and it cut through the roots of the ground cover better than anything I had tried.  That moved the job from impossible to doable albeit requiring some back breaking labor.   I should have it finished by the end of the week if my back holds out.  (It didn’t so I’m taking a day off to let it recover).  The reason I even tried it was that we’re in a pattern of heavy duty afternoon rain storms which loosens the ground and the roots.   Assuming I do get the job done, I think I can keep it under control with a modicum of effort and the mower.

Nothing else going on.   Boring.   Our go-to place in Deland, the Half Wall, is shut down since someone employed there turned up with the virus.   The only thing that’s keeping us from going batty is the iPad Tom got us.   We’re got years of catching up on out of network shows and even watched Hamilton the other night.  Nancy wanted to see it but I had no desire at all.   I was totally surprised by how much I liked it and we’ll probably watch it again in the not too distant future.

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