happy birthday to me, happy birthday……

I had a great 80th.   Chris and Vic came and spent a few days.  Both work from home so it was seamless for them to continue as usual in Florida.   Joey and Mark plus Tom and Tina joined us for a lunch happening at DJ’s on the river at Port Orange.   It’s a fun place with decent sea food in a giant Tiki Hut.   It’s the kind of place where people pull up in boats including both private and commercial fishing boats.   There’s an attached fresh fish market and we got to see one of the commercial boats pull up and start unloading a catch of sharks including one really large bull shark.   They cleaned them on the spot and wheeled the meat to the market.  

The next day we did Karlings for dinner, sans Joey and Mark who had to work.  As usual, an excellent meal.

I’ve been mostly working in the jungle removing grape vines, briars and other noxious vines attacking the trees.  Our neighbor to the north is never there now – moving – so I had the opportunity to work on that side of the jungle which has been growing uncontested for a couple of years now.  Looking much better so today I moved back to the garden to catch up on a couple weeks of low activity.   I tilled two full rows and rebuilt 2 walking paths before running out of energy.  I can go fairly consistently from 8 till 10 but by then, I’m totally drenched and staggering a bit.   Must be the 80 thing since I could go at least another hour last year.  I also turned two compost piles and planted a couple of plants – basil, green peppers, and egg plants.  It’s really late to be planting that stuff but the garden has really been difficult this year so maybe going against the grain is right for 2020.   I did have the good luck to get a nice rain a couple hours after the planting so they should get off to the right start. 

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