Nature Attack

Had an interesting wildlife observation today.  I was walking up to the mail box when  a really large bird landed on a branch in front of me.  It was an owl – not a rare bird but a rare sighting.  I kept walking toward him figuring he’d fly off but I actually walked right under the branch he was on so probably within 10’.   He kept an eye on me and I was watching him closely – they have serious claws and a fierce looking beak so anything was possible.  I walked up between the house and the sheds several times and he/she was there every time.

And if that wasn’t enough nature world – some critter, probably a raccoon, busted thru the screen of our front porch.   Never had that before.  Interestingly, Barbara had the same thing happen last night on the screen room of her dock.   Like us, she’s never had anything like that in the 35+ years they’ve lived here.   Her’s was a little more believable since she keeps fish food down on the dock.  We have a freezer on the porch but it’s hard to imagine the critters would know about that.  

I decided to power wash mildew off our sheds.  I’ve been pulling out the boston fern all around the sheds which exposed mildew growing on the shed walls.  They needed to be power washed.  Our power washer is very sensitive to AC power levels and I’ve had some trouble in the past operating the washer up there on long extension cables so I decided to try something different.   I broke out the generator, cranked it up and connected the power washer.  Worked like a world champ.   Started on the first pull – which bodes well for hurricane season.   The next problem was it about wore me out.  I’m ok power washing down as in washing the deck or straight across but working over my head proved taxing to say the least.  It wore me to a frazzle.   

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