Hurricane Season Preps

According to the calendar and the weather prognosticators, we’re beginning hurricane season.  I normally start thinking about it in September but decided to get ahead of it this year.  The key element is that the generator works, there’s plenty of gas and there’s plenty of propane for the Holland grill.    I pulled the generator out of storage and gave it a few cranks.  It took a half dozen or so but started up and ran for 20 minutes flawlessly.   I have 3 five gallon auxiliary gas cans, all full, so that gives me 3-5 run days.   I also have 3 two gallon aux tanks which I use for the lawn mower and other gas critters.   When a (real) hurricane rears it’s head, I’ll make sure all of those are full.   We don’t need lots of water since the well will work just fine as long as the generator works.

Then I cleared out the roof gutters.   That’s a pain in the butt job since I have to get up on ladder to reach the roof and then keep moving it around the whole perimeter of the house.  They were fairly full of pine needles and oak leaves – I think it has been maybe 6 months since I did it.   I got an amazing load of gutter trash which I piled up over by the garden to become part of the garden path system.   

The other seasonal job was pulling out tons of Boston ferns that have spread all along the driveway.   There was several hundred square feet to be removed – probably a zillion or so fern plants.  What makes this a seasonal job is that it’s so much easier when we’re in the rainy season and we’ve had about 6” in the last few days.   When the ground is soaked, they pull right out;  when it’s dry, not so easy to remove.  At the beginning of the rainy season, it’s normally hot but not summer hot so now’s the time.   

Started tying down items on the dock.   We’re starting to get serious thunder storms that usually include some wind gusts.  If I don’t tie things down on the dock, they end up in the drink.   I’ve done this so many times, it’s quite routine.

The last job was to take a chain saw to dead branches likely to break off in high wind and close enough to the house to be a bother.   In this case the grapefruit tree just outside the kitchen door is infected with some kind of virus that’s attacked most of the citrus industry and creates dead branches.   Gone.    I’m hoping the tree will survive so all I cut was dead wood.  

Officially pooped out!!!!

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