The yarn eater

This corona virus thing got me to thinking : It’s reported to be potentially deadly for the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. Are there any diseases that don’t fit into that notch? You could say the same thing about flu, measles, mumps – anything I can think of. Then both Joey and Tommy called off coming up to the lake this weekend because they’ve been out and about all week and potentially exposed to the virus. Especially Joey who’s been flying to Westchester all week. Then it hit me – they are concerned about giving something to us which could be deadly. In other words we’re elderly! I had honestly never given that a thought. Being “elderly” is different than getting “old”. We have friends and acquaintances who are well into their ninety’s and certainly elderly but us? I don’t think so. Elderly means you use a walker or something but if you fish (especially surf fish)and grow veggies or play golf or pickle ball , frequent breweries – you’re perpetually middle aged.

What I’m more concerned about is the forecast for an upcoming hot spell with daily temps in the mid 80’s and dry. The greens in the garden are not happy with that. They love it in the 60’s and 70’s and can handle an occasional shot of the 80’s or 30’s but not for more than a few days. We’ve got a few more broccoli’s, a few more cabbages, and a few more cauliflowers which I can pick if it becomes problematic but the leafy stuff – the chard, kale, lettuce and spinach will be hurting. The parsley collapsed totally after 3 hot days – wimp. I’ll try watering them all a couple times a day since the well water is a constant 72.

If you knit, crochet or do other needle craft – you might want to think twice about getting one of those robot sweepers – aka the ruumba. It’s amazing how they can eat yards and yards of yarn or thread and last time, ate up a 6” square for a quilt in progress. It took me half an hour to clean it out today after it got underneath the bed where Nancy stores her yarn.

One thought on “The yarn eater

  1. Your boys are wise, mister elderly. Our daughter has canceled St. Patrick dinner for the same reason. Todd was driving up this weekend with his fiancé, Tracy, but canceled as well. Our community has shut down all activities including the dining room. Meals can be ordered and delivered to our homes instead. The main building, contains Assisted Living and Memory Care, is locked down. No one enters without temperature screening. Interesting times.


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