The new favorite Brew

Nancy spotted a Rachel Ray recipe for creamy chicken broccoli soup. She mentioned that you could use either broccoli or cauliflower so, with a surplus of both, we jumped all over it – our version used both. Really good and quite different from the roasted cauliflower soup we made last week.

Still harvesting and dealing with tomatoes. I picked about 10-15 lbs today and will be able to do the same Thursday, the day before a forecast freeze. We had a day free of appointments of any kind so decided to whip up another batch of sauce and a large pot roast – to use up carrots. This batch of sauce was the largest so far this season – constructed in a 12 quart pot. We added shredded carrots into the sauce this time – big carrot crop. This batch will end up using 20+ Talenti cups – more than we have at this point so the sauce will be frozen in zip lock bags.
The pot roast is also juiced up with shredded kale.

The other thing we’re running out of is freezer space with a day of reckoning upcoming. We officially run out of blueberries next moth which means another bulk purchase -25 pints or so – before April. So between blueberries and tomato sauce the freezers are overflowing.

We visited Joey’s new restoration project. It’s a 100 year old dwelling on a nice piece of property in Cocoa Village. As all such projects it will cost more and take longer than original estimates but in the end, it will be a prime property. It’s within walking distance to the marina where they’ll keep the boat when it’s finished. After the project tour, they took us to a brewery in Titusville, Playalinda Brewery. I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised to find a great selection of home brews and a fine food selection to go along with it. I was hooked on the description of two selections, one a wheat – Orange brew; the other a Meyer Lemon, lavender brew. I first tried the orange brew – and it is now my favorite among all brewery beers. No way I could leave without trying the lemon brew. It too was great but the orange is the winner for me. Nancy had a “blonde” as usual and declared this her new favorite blonde. We each had burgers and they were really good but several people around us ordered nacho’s and that will unquestionably be our choice on the next visit.

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