Beautiful picking day – a small head of cabbage, a small cauliflower, a handful of Chinese peas half a dozen tomatoes and same in carrots. Plus a head of butter crunch lettuce and a green bell pepper. Where I cut the cauliflower, I planted kale – the Amazing Blue variety. Also picked a few chard and kale leaves for a noon time smoothie.

Survived the week. I think I mentioned that I was having a kidney stone problem which was completely blocking one of my kidneys – (I guess that’s why we were designed with two). They performed a procedure on Thursday at a surgical center that blasted them to pieces (literally) with a laser. We arrived at the surgical center – Tom, Nancy and I – at 6:30 AM and were on the way home before noon. The next few days were uncomfortable as the chips and shards worked/cut their way through the system. kind of bloody, kind of painful but not killer pain – manageable with Tylenol. It nominally cleared up by Sunday PM. The procedure required a stent to be installed and that had to be removed on Monday as the final step. No problems. Unless you count Nancy missing a bridge game as a problem. The doctor just wouldn’t adjust the schedule to work around it.

Through all this I was unable to spend any time working the garden so was anticipating problems. Nope – it looks just great. Picked the first radishes and Romaine lettuce. A head of broccoli is starting to form as well as a few more cauliflowers and cabbages.

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