Strange Sea Creature

Mark came up to help with some fixit projects.  He made two new clothes props, replaced the ceiling fan in the bathroom which had given it up a few months back and found the problem with one of the electrical outlets on the kitchen bar.   We also straightened the door to one of the sheds, allowing me to latch it properly.  Joey mowed,  did a few yard cleanups and helped Nancy do some internal cleaning and rearranging.  Much appreciated on both fronts.  Over weekends for the past year or so, we get to see Joey and Tom – one on Saturdays, the other on Sundays.  That gives Nancy a much needed break from me – giving her some quality shopping and movie time.  

Saw a recipe in the paper that caught my attention.   It was a sausage, Swiss chard, penne pasta dish.   Although it didn’t say in the paper, I found the recipe online as well – a William Sonoma recipe.    It used one pound of chard which is a fairly significant pile of greens.  Deeeelicious in the words of Uncle Vinny.   Between these pasta chard recipes and my green smoothies, we’re really keeping the chard patch busy.   The great thing about chard is that you just continue picking leaves from the bottom up and new ones keep popping out in the center until the weather gets too hot.  I’ve planted a new kale variety that looks and sounds like chard so can’t wait to try that substitute – probably Mid March.

I did my Monday walk on the beach and saw something really unusual.   A guy in a wet suit and wearing head gear was getting out of the surf, climbing over the reef.   That in itself was unusual but when he got on the beach I noticed he had a cable trailing behind the head gear which he was pulling in.   I looked up to his gear on the beach and saw two large car batteries with the cable attached.   It had to be a 200’+ cable attached to his head gear on one end and the batteries on the other.   By then I was close enough to see the hat included a spot light.  We were a few hundred yards from the beach entry point and I didn’t see any carts of anything so he must have carried those batteries himself.   Strange

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