Christmas letter

Tom thought I should post our Christmas letter on the blog.   So here it is:

The social highlight for the year was Simon and Amy’s wedding in April. It was well planned and executed at the 4 H center in Alabama. Lot’s of family and friends from all over the country; some we knew well, others we met for the first time. Couldn’t have been better.

Our kids are all doing just fine. Joey and Mark are remodeling/rebuilding a house that they’ve owned for 20+ years as a rental and plan to move into in early 2020. In parallel they’re finishing the boat, a 35’ catamaran, which should be launched in the next 6 months. The house is just a short walk from the Marina where the boat will be moored. How convenient is that? The only thing left to do is some finish up painting and electronic installations.

Tom is kept busy bouncing between UCF where he “professes” and Iron Galaxy where he manages a game development studio. Bouncing includes frequent trips to the home office in Chicago and trips to Europe for conferences. Since little Tommy lives in Chicago, they all spend a fair amount of time there throughout the year. Tina is the hostess with the mostest. Events that we used to host at the lake have gradually moved to Tom and Tina’s and much of the work involved now falls under the capable supervision of Tina.

Olivia has been accepted into PA school in Knoxville Tn and starts next fall. It’s a 30 month program. She still works as a medical scribe at Advent Hospital so the transition back to school will be super smooth. I’m sure there are a few trips to Tennessee in our future.

Chris keeps moving up the ladder at Estee Lauder in NYC. His new job expands that to the entire NE. And he’s loving his new apt in Summit New Jersey. He’s jumped back into the whole music/ theater scene that he loved so much from the time he was a kid in Utah so there seems to be no slack time at all. He, Vic, and Vic’s brother will be joining the Christmas/birthday festivities with us in Florida before taking off for a vacation in Hawaii. Tough life.

Nancy is still banging out charity quilts and crocheted blankets. I am a bit in that loop now, cutting binding strips and threading needles. She plays bridge in a club at Palm Coast twice a week and is quite competitive. I think it must cause some anxiety among a few life masters when they get routinely beaten by someone who is legally blind. While Nancy plays bridge, I usually go fishing somewhere nearby – either in the surf or the intracoastal waterway. I do more walking than fishing but I love it. And I still spend a good bit of my time in the vegetable garden. It was tough going this year with an exceptionally hot, dry October. The seedlings I usually put in the ground in October just couldn’t handle the heat. November/December has been perfect so fingers crossed for another great crop. Lot’s of the produce will go to the bridge ladies and the crochet ladies so I can’t allow a failure. Too much social pressure.

Have a great 2020.

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