Lot’s of Shots

I have gone thru total shock, depression and now mourning. I went online to track down a recipe I remembered from the Holland Grill cook book only to find that the Holland Grill Company closed down in 2018. We’ve never been without one since 1992. Our first one still lives on in Utah where we left it with a close friend when we moved to Florida. We bought one as soon as we set up homestead in Florida. It lasted about 10 years then rusted out – too humid in Florida. The one we have now is stainless steel and used at least once a week, more often 2 to 3 times. So far this week we had a steak, baked potato, broccoli meal and a baby back ribs with Acorn squash meal. The grill is very basic and built like a tank so I’m sure we’ll have it for a goodly time. I sure wish I had disassembled the one that rusted out and saved all the other parts. As it is, I did save the grate.

Hit a garden milestone today. First lettuce makes it on a sandwich at lunch and in a salad for dinner. Nancy made the sandwich and I picked a few leaves, washed them off and popped them directly on the sandwich. It was so fast the lettuce still thought it was in the garden. Fresh lettuce like that is incredibly soft so unless you actually grow it, you really don’t know what the texture is. It toughens up quickly after picked. In case you’re interested, this lettuce is called black seeded Simpson and was selected because it has good heat tolerance. The fact that it came up so nicely, as hot as our October was, is due to that characteristic. The next pick will be a couple of swiss chard leaves for the salad tonight. My looming problem is where to put all the seedlings I have going on the porch. I’ll give a few plants to Nancy’s friends that want them but I will still end up with a dozen each – broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Not 100% fixed on where those 36 plants will go but 8-10 will fill holes where something didn’t make it. And at the same time I must have 30+ new lettuce seedlings that just broke ground in a specially prepared bed in the garden. Within 2 weeks I’ll have to thin them and find a permanent home for those I thin. They don’t all make it but I’m scratching my head now thinking about homes for them. I’ve thinned all the carrots now and can’t begin to tell you how many made it thru the process and are growing beautifully. Literally hundreds. I’ve also ordered some celery seeds. Right now I’m thinking that by the time they germinate on the porch and put on a few leaves, there should be space in the lettuce patch. I’m not too worried about that because I really haven’t had great luck with celery in the past. The only reason I decided to try it again was the write up in the seed catalog touting this new variety, Tango. Sounded like anybody could grow this variety.

Nancy had a tough week – lots of shots. B-12 on Tuesday; 25 pain shots on Wednesday; eye shot on Friday. We wouldn’t have been too surprised if she spouted water after taking a big drink. On the plus side, she came in second at the bridge club on Thursday – 17 table game. There are a lot of life masters in that club and you know it must frost them to be blitzed by an old blind lady!!! It made up for all those shots!!!

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