Not ready for Winter

OK, you can quit worrying. The pelleted carrot seed finally germinated. Too soon to say what percent will germinate but at least some of the seed is doing good. I was getting concerned since I had planted the seed in exactly the same place I’d planted older carrot seed and experienced zero germination. So I started to think maybe the location was tainted or jinxed.

Thanksgiving was great. Perfect weather, great company and wonderful food – a combination of old favorites and new entries. We decided to stay at a motel close to Tom’s rather than drive all the way home after a day’s worth of festivities. Good thing because Tina found a pomegranate wheat beer that definitely had my name all over it. Tina overcame a technical problem when the oven gave up the ghost so this season’s dinner will be remembered and laughed about for years to come.

We’re having winter now and it may even freeze tonight. I covered the pepper plants but the tomatoes are also endangered. If it does freeze, it’ll be a month early. By and large, most of the plants in the garden are ok with a little cold so we’ll see. But I did have an issue that I assumed was the cold weather. I got up just before 7AM and tried to get a glass of water. Nothing. I knew it was cold – upper 30’s according to the thermometer on the porch – so the lines shouldn’t have frozen. Maybe it was actually colder up by the well and pump? I decided to wait a couple hours for it to warm up or to get a hair blower to locally heat the pump area. Nah, that just doesn’t make sense so I decided to go up and bang around the pump. In the past, problems like this have invariably been critters getting into the contacts so that’s where I started. Sure enough, I popped the cover on the electrical contacts and there was a partially cooked lizard. I removed it and the pump started immediately. I’ve sure had enough of this winter and global cooling.

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