Pre Thanksgiving happenings

The garden is 100% planted. Even one (out of two) row of carrot seed has germinated so at this point the big remaining task is to thin carrots and lettuce as they fill in. Carrot and lettuce seed is nearly microscopic so it’s impossible to plant them in the final position. That’s a pain in the butt job since your trying to separate really fine, closely spaced plants and replant the thinned ones to another location. It’s a high loss environment but so many pop up that it’s manageable. One thing they do to help is to pelletize the seed. The put a single seed inside a bio degradable material about the size of a BB. That makes them quite easy to plant and essentially eliminate the thinning. You can get both carrots and lettuce in pelletized form. The downside is they are much more expensive and take longer to germinate so what I do is buy both pelletized and regular seed. Comparing performance, I planted a row of pelletized seed next to regular seed. The regular seed germinated in a little over a week but nothing has popped on the pelletized seed approaching two weeks.

Got an important experiment going on. The Duke power guy came around the other day to change our meter. Just routine maintenance but we got to chatting and I pointed out a fire ant mound not too far from where he was standing. He then told me about a control method he swore worked. Normally I sprinkle some very expensive killer on the mounds but he said grits worked just as well. Grits is really cheap compared to Amro or equivalent so I liberally sprinkled a couple of control mounds. He said it takes a few days to a week. I did noticed that as soon as I sprinkled it, they swarmed it and started carrying it down the holes. I stirred the nest a little after 3 days and they swarmed out so it hasn’t done anything yet.

We’re having a great Thanksgiving season. Simon and Amy (and the pooch) came home for the event and spent Monday night with us at the lake. I grilled a batch of chicken wings and a couple of pizza’s – hit the spot. Simon and Amy (and the pooch) took the boat on the lake Tuesday and did a little trolling for speckled Perch. We’ve had some cold weather so I guessed it was about time to start the season. They did me proud by each (pooch excluded) catching a speckled perch. So the season has officially started. The game plan was to hook up with the rest of the Carbone’s at Persimmon Hollow, our favorite local watering hole. Tommy was already here on business and Kate was flying in from Chicago, weather permitting. Tom went by way of the Orlando Airport, picked her up and they headed for the Hollow, about an hour earlier than anticipated. Tina and Olivia came a little bit later so we had a full quorum of Carbone’s. What we didn’t know was that Tuesday is Bingo night at the hollow and we were just finishing up our tacos and brews when they announced it. We made a collective decision to try it and for the next couple of hours had a ball – even won a few rounds. Then had a funny finish. In the past I’ve opened and maintained a tab at the Hollow and Tom picks up the food from the taco place across the alley. It works out about the same. What happened this time since we didn’t all arrive at the same time, each group opened their own tab at the bar. When we left I went over to close out the tab and found the bartender confused – he said “the place is full of Carbone’s, which one are you?” That cracked me up – how things have changed! Can’t wait for the big feast Thursday. I’ve been tapped for the cranberry sauce only so we have nothing much to worry over. The plan is to stay over Thursday night at a nearby hotel so I don’t have to worry about drinking too much for the drive home. Usually we eat early to accommodate us having to drive home in the dark so this will be a break from that. I’m guessing Nancy’s and whoever will do some Black Friday shopping. I’ll do some Thanksgiving day football watching. More later

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