Happy Birthday Nancy

Sorry for the long gap but it’s been incredibly busy.   Nancy’s birthday celebration was hosted by Tom and Tina and came off without a hitch.   Tina is the greatest hostess – preparing Nancy’s favorite foods and paying attention to even the finest details – Nancy’s favorite flowers for decoration and special personalized party favors.   We had a dinner on Thursday night at a great Chinese restaurant with (I think) 18 family members in attendance.   Chris came from NY/NJ, Simon and Amy from Alabama, the Sheronick’s from South Carolina.  The followup celebration the next day added local friends.   From my perspective it came off without a hitch.  Joey and Tom spent hours going over old photo’s and created a slide show on the big screen TV.

Chris and Vic spent a couple days with us and ended their visit with a couple days at Universal.  They’re coming back at Christmas so I guess they had a good time.

Nothing much else to report.  Still having a devil of a time making any progress in the garden.  The weather and critters seem determined to keep me replanting.   The highlight of my frequent visits to the garden is the bluebird continues to visit and now will actually land on my arm.   Doesn’t seem to have the slightest fear.   Yesterday my neighbor, Barbara and her grandson and his daughter came down and the bird hopped from one of us to the other.  Barbara brought some birdseed and he ate out of her hand.   Apparently bluebirds are omnivores because I see him catching critters in the garden and assumed that my rooting around in the soil was the attraction.   

Plenty of rain and the lake keeps rising.   A few inches more and it will top the lower level of the dock.   I haven’t seen it this high in years.   I’m hoping the high level makes the spec fishing better this year.  It should make the trolling easier in terms of hanging up in the grass and moss.

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