The storm Approaches

It’s Friday, our normal bridge/surf fishing/brewpubcrawl day.   Except we have this storm looming over us.    I figured that the fish would probably be biting big time – stocking up before the storm arrives – but no go.   It’s crowded in Publix with people stocking up last minute so why not the fish in the surf.  The surf was definitely fishable and I gave it about a half hour to prove itself with big, black clouds looming over my back and the distant rumble of thunder in the air.   So I decided to head back to the mainland and wait for Nancy at the library.   Hence this afternoon post.   

I think I have the dock area fairly well tied down.  The boat is tied up to keep it from swinging and the poke boat is tied up in the jungle by the dock, face up to fill with rain.  I cranked up the generator the other day to verify that it was operable – started on the first pull.   I had loaded up all the gas cans at the start of the season, in June, so I have almost 20 gallons on standby.  We tried to fill up the car yesterday but the gas stations were either mad houses or already out of gas.  How crazy is that.   So I got up early this morning, about 6AM and headed for the local filling station.  It was still busy at that hour but within 5 minutes or so, I was back on the road heading for home.  So both cars are full.

We don’t have (yet) a family plan to get together to ride it out but that may happen depending on the path as of Saturday night or Sunday morning.   Tina left for a vacation in Utah before the storm possibly surfaced so Tom may come up here or we may go there.  Joey is coming over tomorrow with plans to help me finish up and then take Nancy shopping.  Olivia is working Sunday night but I’m not sure what after that.   All of this will jell as the weekend passes.   I’m hoping it all just goes away – cross the state down around Miami and then head west into the gulf.   But I don’t get a vote.

Ever hopeful, I planted more seeds in the garden.   If we just get reasonable rain, the timing will be great for seedlings.  If we get a deluge that floods the garden………….     By my reckoning, a foot of rain will put George’s dock under; a foot and a half get’s us.   That’s all in the realm of possibility.  The lake is higher than it should be for this time of year to start with.   The seedlings I germinated inside have been growing outside, still in the original seed starting soil.  Tomorrow I’m going to transfer each one to it’s own pot and bring them in the house to ride out the storm.  That looks like about a dozen tomatoes.   It really doesn’t matter much for the fall garden since there’s plenty of time to start it all over again if necessary .

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