Still catching’ them in the surf

The lake is higher than it’s been in years and being mid August, we still have plenty of rain potential for the next 10 weeks.  I’m slightly concerned as opposed to way concerned. 

I have a very large pine tree that has/had several really big limbs that hung over the screen porch.  The tree is quite healthy but we do get some severe storms and it’s well within the realm of expectations that the limbs would come down and destroy the screen.  Barbara next door contracted with a tree service to go through her property and remove all the dangerous trees, limbs and brush.  She was quoted an excellent price so I decided to bite the bullet and have them come over and do my tree so long as they were already here.  Done.  It took an hour or so and a high bucket to get the guy up to the higher branches but they all came down without a hitch.   My plan now is to take the pine needles that came down and load up the path to the lake.  That should take a couple of days and maybe a little “son” muscle for the big branches but I think it will be easy enough.

Back to the beach to keep the string of good fishing days alive.  This was a different day weather wise and tide wise.   It was hot and clear as compared to mostly cloudy on the days I had success.  The tide was about midway to high and rising.  I changed my rig to a simple one hook style, different than I had been using.  I thought it would get less tangled and thereby increase the amount of actual fishing time.   First cast, one minute into it and getting the first bite.  It was like that for the next 2 hours – rarely more than a couple of minutes between bites.  Once again I experimented with the fish bites and was equally successful on shrimp, sand flea and squid.  And again the fish were mostly small whiting with a couple of sail cats thrown in.  The only thing that has been different these last few trips than for quite a while before is that I put new line on the reel and the line was a completely different color – bright yellow as compared to the “camo” green I had always used.  If anything I was concerned that the new line would be too visible and scare the fish.  Now I’m wondering if the line is actually attracting some positive attention.


We stopped by the hospital to see if Wilma’s condition had changed.  She’s now in hospice with a poor to zero diagnosis for recovery.  We were with her when the stroke occurred and with her in the emergency room and visited her every other day since.  She did show some level of memory the day after but very little and not for a few days now.  Nancy will really miss her.

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