Some good news, some bad news

Had a great visit with the SC Yearta’s. Brian is having a retirement party from the Daytona Beach Shores PD and family is coming in from SC – combining a vacation with a celebration. They were here for two days enjoying the lake, catching fish, and getting lessons in quilt making. I had a ripe pineapple on a plant and held off harvesting it until the girls got here then we picked it, cleaned it, and ate a few slices. Delicious.. Brian’s retirement party was a blast. It was catered by 4 Rivers Barbecue and attended by perhaps 150 people, family and co-workers. Clearly he was a well respected law enforcement guy in Daytona Beach Shores even including a 5 year stint with the FBI. The chief of police hosted a “Roast” and we heard lots of stories surrounding his career. I’m guessing he’ll be employed in a law enforcement role in short order. I think his speciality was financial crime.

That was followed by a great day on the beach. Nancy moved her Friday bridge game to Thursday since the retirement festivities begin on Friday. I had doubts about the surf fishing due to what seemed to be a nasty weather forecast. I dropped her off at the game and headed for the beach with a 90% chance (in my mind) of a wash out. It was really black and nasty looking but not a drop fell. The tide was almost dead low and the So-lunar showed a feeding major at 1PM so I decided to give it a try. Wow, it took about 5 minutes to bring in the first fish and it was steady action until I had to quit at 3 to pick up Nancy. We finished off the day with the peel and eats at Sky Jackers.

Now here’s what’s interesting. Yesterday after dropping Nancy off at bridge, I went back to exactly the same place to fish the surf. The tide was just the opposite and we were no where near a So-lunar peak so the fishing should have been lousy. But it was just as good as the previous trip. I experimented around a little with fish bites. I had started out with my favorite – sand flea flavored bites then switched to shrimp. Same great results – a bite within 5 minutes of every cast. So I decided to try something totally different – squid. Still plenty of action. So the take away from all this is if they’re biting, tide, so-lunar tables, or bait don’t matter all that much.

Some bad news. Our friend Wilma, Nancy’s original bridge partner in Crescent City, suffered a serious stroke a few days ago. She had been carried to the ER at Flagler hospital on Sunday but released later that night. We went over Monday for Nancy’s bridge game and we went by her place to see what the hospital visit was all about. We went to her apt and found her sound asleep so we decided not to disturb her but to come back later that day after the bridge game. We did and found her still asleep, apparently not having moved. We woke her up and she went to the bathroom but didn’t come right out. Nancy checked on her and found her slumped over and non responsive. We called 911 and they responded in about 10 minutes. We spent several hours with her in the ER, basically unconscious. They admitted her and we came home. We went back today, Wed, and found her in about the same condition as when we left and learned that she had experience a major stroke in the brain. Nancy was able to get some intelligent responses from her but she’s clearly in bad shape. When we left today, they were talking about hospice. Not good.

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