Infrastructure Week at the lake

This has been infrastructure week at the lake. Our window awnings have been gradually degrading from the intense Florida UV load and high humidity so we decided it was time to have them recovered – probably 2-3 years overdue. We almost had it done a couple of years ago but the folks who did the original installation were totally swamped with business from hurricane Mathew. It’s been quiet here for quite a while now and we tried again – success. The view is really different without the awnings. I like it better without them but they block the sun well and really reduce the heat load. The color and pattern we had was no longer available so we picked something else. Should be 2-3 weeks for the reinstall.

It became obvious at the mother’s day lake festivities that the dock is showing it’s age. Simon poked through the planks at one point and the ladder rungs broke. Johnny was available and agreed to do the carpentry work so he came up and did an overnight. We worked a couple hours on Tuesday – until it really became hot – and then finished up on Wednesday morning. It really looks nice and feels more secure. Finished it off with some appropriate landscaping – river rock and local bromiliads plus an aloe plant. Instant sunburn repair.  I think we put the dock in about 15 years ago so it really has held up well and the understructure and pilings look like the day we put them in. I’ve got an idea how to fix the (George built) ladder but if that doesn’t work Joey found a good commercial replacement and I also have a spare home made ladder that will do in a pinch. So one way or another, we’ll have a functional ladder and be ready for the summer swimming season. It should be great this year because the lake level is so high. That may be a problem in Sept-Oct but right now, it’s great.

Another casualty was the picnic table – the one on the dock addition section.  It was a cheap table and survived almost 10 years out in the elements but a leg broke somehow. I turned it over and decided to try fixing it – not something I have had much success with in the past. I had some extra pieces of decking from the fixit job described above so put together some new leg bracing underneath the table. Oila! It worked and I now have a functioning table again. At the same time, Lowes had a sale this weekend on cheap picnic tables so I got Tom to pick one up for me – (since I no longer have a pickup truck). The original picnic table was a cyprus wood octagon shape table with attached seats. That’s been repaired several times but after almost 20 years, it’s ready for the burn pile. It’s actually dangerous if anyone tries to sit at it. I’ve left it up just for holding tools etc while I’m working in the jungle so I’ll probably place the old one I just repaired in it’s place – maybe for a couple more years.

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