No Operation for Nancy

Nancy visited the Neuro Doc about the leg pain she’s been experiencing for quite a while- actually over a year.   Been thru shots, acupuncture, and physical therapy with no improvement.    The most recent diagnosis was that she had pinched nerves in the lumbar and a reasonably simple operation would correct the problem and relief would be nearly instantaneous.  We actually know a few people who have been thru it with great success.  Before doing it, the doc required more imagining including a “dynamic X-ray which would show what was going on in various positions.   That test showed she had some bones moving around that would require screws, rods and a 4 hour operation with two doctors working it.  Further it would involve a 3 -4 month rehab and all the risks that come with the surgery.  He recommended against it as long as the quality of her life was pretty good and wants to try a nerve medication in lieu of surgery.  Nancy agreed.   That all happened yesterday.  We got the prescription filled and she took the first one last night at bedtime.  Usually the leg pain is what wakes her up in the morning but not this morning.  So far, so good.  

After all the partying this past weekend, the dock suffered a bit.   A couple of the deck planks rotted thru and the swim ladder broke.   The deck planks are easily replaced but the ladder is a bit more problematic and renders the dock unusable for swimming until it’s fixed or replaced.   Johnny B.  Is on board to do the carpentry so I’m confident it will be done well.   Johnny has some medical issues which has left him unemployed and picking up handy man jobs, many at Tommy’s.  Hope he can fit us in sooner rather than later.

Nothing new in the garden.  Picking (and eating) lots of green beans and the tomato plants all look healthy.  I’m managing to salvage enough of last season’s greens to keep my smoothies coming but they can’t hold up much longer.   Green Tomato smoothies????    I don’t think so.

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