My turn to cook so I decided on spiraled zucchini, fried lightly in olive oil with garlic and then coated with home made pasta sauce. Of course this is a 100% garden meal. At least it was until Nancy decided we needed to grill a few links of Italian sausage. We had picked up some from a new butcher shop in Deland and were anxious to see if it would be any good. Well it wasn’t all that great – the sausage I mean. This was a learning meal for me and next time it will be a little better planned and executed. Spiraling the squash, cooking it just the right amount of time ( I did about 4 minutes) and getting the sauce ready all at the same time is a little tricky since each element is done quickly and in parallel. I chose ribbon shape on the squash spiral and think maybe the “linguini” blade would have been a better choice in this application. Having that all done at the same time as the sausage was really tricky for an amateur. I had two frying pans and the microwave all going at the same time. It was tasty but I can do better next time. I’m nominally a one pan cook and most things I cook take more than half an hour – not time critical.

Nancy had an appointment with the back Dr. He checked the results of the physical therapy and decided that surgery was really the only answer. He ordered a set of X-rays and MRI’s and to our surprise they were able to schedule them for the next day. Our experience is usually that there are several weeks between the dr appointment and the imaging. I think the actual surgery will happen in a couple of weeks and will most likely involve one or two nights in the hospital. He’s very confident that she’ll see a 90% improvement quickly so she’s anxious to get on with it.

We’ve got to get ready for a trip next week to the Florida pan handle for a vacation with Tom and Tina. We’ve gone together and rented a house right on the water reportedly loaded with fish. This area is famous for seafood – particularly oysters – so we’re looking forward to that. We’ll have the surgery scheduled for right after we get back.

Up to 31 bags of marble chips on my driveway restoration project. I think I’ll stop for a while and let it settle out. It’s much smoother than when I started.

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