Azalea Season in Full Bloom

Graham swamp turned out to be a bit more challenging than I had expected. Narrow paths in heavily forest with substantial elevation changes so about a mile into it, I wasn’t sure I hadn’t bitten off more than I could chew. The path was marked fairly well but there was a nagging feeling that it could be easy to get lost. I eventually found my way out and back to the car. I guess it was about a 3 mile venture. That’s about what I do on the water front park path but in that case, the path is flat and paved.

The PET scan didn’t show anything bad so I have to do another – a different kind of PET scan. This one requires no prep at all so it should be a piece of cake.

I think the Azaleas this year are the best they’ve been – ever. I didn’t trim them back at the end of last season so the bushes are much bigger and loaded with blossoms. We have several different colors and they’re happening at the same time so using the word spectacular is not out of line.


When Chris was visiting Hawaii so often he kept telling us about having Acai bowls for breakfast. We never really knew what they were but read in the local paper that a bowl place was opening in Deland, right across the street from Persimmon Hollow. So after having a blood test draw yesterday, Nancy suggested we try it. It was a really small place and a bit difficult to find but we persevered and found it. They offered 4 standard bowls, each in two sizes, small and large. We choose two different small bowls and expected to get bowls mixed fruit and berries including Acai berries. I had it in mind that they were like cranberries. So we were surprised to find the bowl was made with frozen fruits and vegetables created in a blender so it ended up almost like frozen custard. Very sweet and very filling. I really struggled to get the small one down but really loved it. The place has only been open for a couple of weeks but they said business had been good – largely with Stetson students and sports teams from there. That fit since it just seems like the kind of place you’d expect to be populated with cutie coeds chattering away.

Olivia is heading to Guatemala for a few weeks of intense Spanish language training.  She’ll live with a local family and also volunteer in a medical capacity.   I’m sure she’ll have a great time but I still wish she wasn’t out of country.

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