Bye, bye Crescent City Bridge

Nancy has mostly given up on her Crescent City bridge game on Wednesday’s – people issues.   Instead she’ll add another day at Palm Coast, probably Fridays.   We did that yesterday and since it looks like a long term change, I decided to change my routine.  On Monday’s I normally hit either the beach or the Water Front Park to fish or hike, then Houligans for a draft brew, to Publix to work off a shopping list and finally to the library to check my email, check the market, read the paper and maybe pick up a book or two.   On my trial  run Friday, I did the same beach/hike – in this case the hike since my fishing spot is once again under beach restoration – then, instead of Houligans’  I hit a brew pub in the European Village called Moonrise.  I’ve known it was there but it’s closed on Monday so never tried it.  They had a nice blood orange wheat beer, a pleasant surprise.  From there I went straight to the library – one day a week at Publix is all we need (in the future I might change that from Monday to Friday since the gas card deal works on Fridays, not Mondays.)  The other thing on the Friday route is that I can actually walk (and have) from the Waterfront park to the European Village pub.  It’s about 2 miles each way so it all fits together nicely – walk two miles along the intracoastal, have a cold one, then walk back to the park.   This week, with the beach messed up, I’m planning a hike into Graham Swamp.  I’ve seen it but never tried it.

Picking eggplant now.  I think this is the first time for a winter garden.  This late in the season it’s very possible/likely we’ll have a frostless season.  That’s showing up as a never ending supply of tomato sauce – we made another large pot today – and the tomato plants seem to be going strong.  This is the first year I can remember that we’re picking serious tomatoes at the same time we’re picking spinach, other greens, and snow peas.   I took a flyer and planted some summer squash seeds – much earlier than normal – they popped out in a couple of days and appear to be thriving.  I’m also starting the next round of tomato and pepper plants – taking a little risk but also taking advantage of the mild winter/spring.  

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